The Talk

Abhi wakes up in the morning with a full diaper. He tells us,  “I think my diaper is a little tight”. I ask, “Can I change it?”.

He responds, “No. I love it.”

What is there to love about full diapers?


Nanna: Achu, What would you take when going into space?

Achu: All that you need is some toys. All that you need is some donuts and croissants.


Abhi and Achu find one of my books on the bed. “What is this book amma?”, Achu asks me.

Before I could answer, Abhi tells her, “Its only my favorite book Achu”


Achu skipped her nap and was in the loft with me, while Abhi was still napping. She promised to stay calm while I read my book, but you can guess how it went. Finally, she got bored and tells me, “I wish I could wake him up. I want to play with my baby blother”. (not brother)

But, when Abhi finally woke up, she screamed, “My brother is awake”. She is almost always the first one to notice that Abhi is up. Twin connection. Huh!


Some nights ago, at bed time, Abhi asked us, “What do computers do?”

Hmm. Already?


I casually asked Achu to make tea for me. Achu replies, “But Amma. I am a small baby. How can I make tea?”

You should hear how loud this small baby’s voice is when she needs something. 🙂


Abhi complained of tummy ache this morning. Nanny asked how did he get it. He tells her, “I read so many books”.

Haven’t heard of tummy aches from reading books before.


I was probably having my tea watching something on my phone, and Achu orders, “Okay. You can watch five more minutes and then come out, okay?”

Yes, Maam.


<And that was my 300th post. Good job Me. 🙂 >


8 thoughts on “The Talk

  1. For the past few years that i have been inactive I seemed to have missed a lot. Firstly, congratulations on twins (hey… its better late than never right?). Secondly, this post made me smile throughout. Its so sweet. Tummy ache thanks to books :)).

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