Twin Playtime

Recently, we made up a new game with kids. Its called ‘Hug and Fall’. It’s exactly the way it sounds. I sit down, hug Abhi or Achu (sometimes both) and fall back. It might sound silly, but you have no idea how popular it is. It is the kid version of free-fall for them and they just love it. This morning, I was in the kitchen and guess what Abhi and Achu were playing. They were playing ‘Hug and fall’ with each other. And, Oh my. What a sight it was. I love to see them hug each other. But they usually don’t, unless we ask them. But for this game, as hugs are mandatory, they would stand in front of each other, hug tightly and fall down (more like, let go of each other and sit down).

It’s pretty sweet to see them interact with each other, these days. I have been waiting for so long for them to start playing with each other and they are doing so much of that now-a-days.These days, I let them go play on their own in a different room without any direct supervision. As long as I hear their voices, I try not to disturb them. But I can’t help not checking on them if there is silence. So, quite often these days, they both sneak upstairs. It’s either Achu calling, ‘Common Abhi. Lets go play blocks’ or Abhi going up first and Achu following him. Either way, they are mostly playing upstairs together. At first, it used to be playing blocks in the room upstairs (We have a whole room dedicated to two bags of blocks and a tent; Otherwise, the blocks would be everywhere). Abhi likes playing blocks more than Achu, so that would be over quickly. Once in a while, it would be so silent and when I go to check, I would find them both sitting on the couch in loft, waiting for me to come. šŸ™‚ Few other times, they would go to the closet in the blocks room and play there. Recently, they started spending time together in their own bedroom. I find them, lying down on one of their beds, reading their favourite books. They have read their favourite books so many times that they can just look at the page and say what is happening. Sometimes, in their own words; Sometimes, exactly as we read to them.Ā  On the weekend, Achu was reading the ‘The best nest’ book and Abhi was lying down next to her listening. What a happy sight it was.

Then, there is the recent hockey game. Played not with sticks, but with remotes. That’s right. I was sitting on the couch recording, when Achu jumps into the room with a remote in one hand, hitting the ball, really hard (That poor remote šŸ˜¦ ). Next thing, Abhi is yelling “Score….. Achu you got 20 points”. I asked him why they were playing with the remotes and he says ‘Because we are going to bang it. hit it and scooooore. Goalllll!’. Then, he kicks the ball with his remote. This goes on and on, while I am looking in total shock about their new little invention and worrying about the remotes. Game went on for like five minutes. (I know at least one of the remotes is working, we will hope the same about the other one)

Back to blocks, one morning, Abhi was building ‘the biggest truck ever’ (I don’t understand why everything has to be the biggest-ever). He was on bed with me, building his truck. This and that, and suddenly they come up with this. Abhi looks around, picks what block he wants, Achu goes and gets it, Abhi tells her where to put it on the truck he was building (which btw, looks nothing like a truck; Also, blocks are selected based on a theme and the new block just doesn’t go on the top. The whole design gets re-engineered with every block) and Achu adds it on.

One of the other activities we do is draw in the box. With what we owe monthly to amazon for diapers, we secure quite a few packing boxes. These boxes are so fit for a kid to sit in and draw. I just make sure the bottom of the box is covered and I let them go crazy with crayons or markers in the box. Either do this, or sometimes, little sister gets off her box and pushes the little brother sitting in his box. I was surprised she could do it but she pushed for about ten feet in that tiny box with all her energy. At one time, she was pushing him towards the door, I thought she was trying to send him out of the house. šŸ™‚

You know what else? Kids who play together, also lick their foods together. Well, luckily different plates. If one is eating food by licking the plate, other is doing so too.

I am sure there will be more of these in the days to come. Also the little fights they have now are going to increase, but I hope there will be more of the first one than the latter. We will see. šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Twin Playtime

  1. hehehe i was smiling throughout the post šŸ™‚ our children are core source of smiles, laughter and love šŸ™‚

    Hug and Fall seems to be a rocking game, I should try šŸ™‚

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