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To be frank, I didn’t think I would get to writing a reading post this soon in the year. I did make a new year resolution to read a book every month. And I utterly failed it when I didn’t open a book in January, at all. Well, in my defense, I spent my time this month getting our loft ready to be a reading room. Moved in a cozy couch, made the book canvases, decorated the walls, bought new curtains etc. See I laid the foundation, set the room ambience right for the rest of the year’s reading. So, I can  consider that I did work towards my goal, right?

Okay. Even if not, I got super awesome at reading and finished two books in February. True. Okay. I cheated a bit. I bought the Game of Thrones book set at Ash’s recommendation last year. I was so excited about getting into the habit of reading books again, so I thought buying the whole set would force me. I started reading the book, few pages into it and few days later, kids would get sick and give me sleepless and exhausted nights. I took time to go back to reading the book, but I was reading the same pages again and again. Either because I forgot that I already read it (I know, that’s what bookmarks are for. But I don’t have one.) or I forgot the story totally and had to remind myself of what happened. Anyway. couple of days later, I gave up again and the book set had been gathering dust. Until I got my new awesome loft turned reading room, that is.

I picked up the book again in February, to give it a proper finish and resumed reading it. This time I was able to focus much better (because of the awesome ambience I set, of course 😉 ) and finished the first one. I really did like the book. Oh boy! Was it detailed. But I didn’t feel any of the details were boring. Sometimes, when I read books, I skip sections here and there, and still not miss a thing. This wasn’t one of those. Despite being scared of the size (800 pages, small print), I did enjoy the fat book very much. I almost exclaimed in joy when something came alive at the ending. I was really hoping for that to happen. 🙂 I cant wait to get back to reading the series again. I have the book handy, but I decided to take a break and read something else.

Next, I wanted to read something I was a fan of. As in, mysteries, action, thriller, sci-fi etc. Luckily got my hands on Catching Fire. Last part of the Hunger games series. I deliberately picked a large print book and guess what, after reading game of thrones, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I had hoped for. Firstly, I felt the book was too thin. (500 pages, large print 🙂 ). I guess reading too much detailed version of the story in Game Of Thrones, just ruined my book reading experience. Now, I expect all the books to be this detailed. 🙂 Anyway, I also didn’t like it that the story was told from Katniss’s perspective. I think if it wasn’t this way, there would have been much scope for elaborating on the story. I also didn’t like the focus on reality TV filming. I know it’s the core part of the story, but the movie did a better job in focusing on it indirectly than the book. Overall, it was still a good story and I am so waiting for the movie. 🙂

This year, one of my reading goals was not just to read a book, but also read different variety. So, for March, I picked a genre that I usually don’t read. That is a book that is neither a mystery nor a thriller nor sci-fi action. The last one I read was “A time travelers Wife” and I dragged on reading it forever. I finished it finally. But didn’t enjoy it very much. This time, I picked “Little Women” and did I love it!!! Wow. I think this is one of my favorite books now. It started out simple. First I had trouble connecting to the story knowing that it wasn’t the style I usually read. But soon I was hooked. So much that, one of the last weekends, it was so raining here and I spent the weekend reading the book. Which is usually quite impossible for me, given the kids and the work. I just couldn’t get out of the mood. I was feeling happy. It was so soothing to read this story.  I have to say I was in such good mood as long as I was reading the story of the four sisters. It was so nice to be reminded of what the most important things in life are. Even though we know it already, even though we were told this kind of thing so many times already, the way this story was told was just so simple and still, amazing. I think I would go back and read this book all over again some day.

But, I have to say, as wonderful as this book was, it was also heartbreaking at a point. This is one of the reasons I don’t prefer reading these kind of books. Because when something sad happens in the book, it just feels like it happened to us. I take it so personally. One such thing happened in this book as well, and I still am not at peace about that. There I was, reading the book non-stop and when I knew this incident was going to happen, I put the book away and didn’t touch it for a week. I just couldn’t read it. How could I? The chapter was titled ‘Heartbroken’. I sure was too.

I did anyway finish the book and I am glad I did. It was a wonderful book to not finish it. This is definitely going to our collection we are building for kids.

So, there it is. Three books in three months (kind of). Hurray for me. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Reading Time

  1. That’s awesome , Dil. The fact that you are making time to read.
    Little Women is one of my favorites. You will enjoy the rest of the series too – Good Wives,Little Men and Jo’s Boys. Each one(except the last maybe) is more heart breaking though. Despite the sadness and being so involved in the story and characters that I am low and depressed for days sometimes, I love reading way more than watching a movie or anything else. I am part of a bookclub with other moms here and we read one book a month. The books are so outside my comfort zone, not genres I would pick at all- I sometimes take days to get through the book as its usually quite heavy. But the discussions are so good. They make you think, open your mind and that is really the reason one should read in the first place.

    1. Yep. The volume I read included Good Wives as well. I am so tempted to read Jo’s boys. But fearing the heartbreak .:) We will see.

      Book clubs have always fascinated me. I have never been part of one. I am sure its a great way to make one try new books.

  2. Nice! 🙂
    I love the Little Series. All of them are so nice and heart-breaking. But so so touching. They remain with you forever! 🙂
    Even I had a resolution of 3 books a month. Came down to 2. Now I am hoping i do 1.

    1. Thanks Sushma. Try little Women instead if you haven’t read it. I am buying a copy so I can lend you mine. You will be glad you did. 🙂 I heard the hunger games first two are better than the last one. But its a great read too. 🙂

  3. I had hoped I’d read more in the new year (though never made a new year resolution) and so far I have utterly failed at it. But your post came at the right time, because I too have been re-reading the same page many times 😐
    Its time to pull up my socks and make myself proud by reading regularly 🙂
    Good Luck to both of us.
    P.S.- Congratulations on your new home, from your words I can visualize it being decorated tastefully 😀

    1. Hahha. You know my pain, then. Read for few lines and feel the deja-vu… I used to think am I really that smart than I knew what was going to happen already? Turned out I read the same lines the day before. 🙂

      Good luck to us both. And so good to hear from you. I have so much to catch up too. Hope Pari is doing great.

      Thanks. I love decorating my new home. I will have new pictures sometime. 🙂

  4. First time on your blog and love your space. I love reading too. Little women is one of my all time favorites. These days, I get to read more of toddler literature though( I have a 4 years old).

  5. aha so you back to reading, I feel good when I read/get to know something of this sort.. even if others are reading, it makes me feel proud, hehe 🙂

    How are the little one’s doing? I’ve been missing in action from blog world, didn’t read anyone around so no clue what you named them here.. let me know, hows motherhood treating you?

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