Rattle Snake Ridge

Better weather has dawned on us. Well, almost; For most of the days. Hmm. Few days, keep sucking again. Alright. Alright. We had few good days. That’s all. Happy? Our weather sucks. I admit.

Anyhoo, For some people like Murali and me, who have been outside-world deprived for a while, better weather, sunny days are extra special. I have been so waiting for the sunny days so that we can take Abhi and Achu out and enjoy the hikes, trails, lakes etc. Of course, we will be no where close to hiking with kids anytime soon. Trust me, I hoped we could do it this year. But watching Abhi touch and stuff every object on the road into his mouth, I had some realistic realization that we are far far away.

Anyhoo again, one of the last weekends was some decent weather. Not that must-wear-the-thickest-jacket cold; Quite sunny (which is a real privilege for us seattle-ites, you know); The week before was good too. But we didn’t step out for some reason. That week, the only place I could think of was the Rattle Snake Ridge. It’s this beautiful lake, surrounded by the mountains; and a terrific hike to the top with the most amazing views. Murali and I had been there couple of times. I think we hiked twice. We walked around the lake once. It was amazing. So, the week after we missed our chance, weather was good (like I said), so we fed kids, ate lunch, packed up and left for the lake. It’s about an hour drive there. Murali drove slower to let Abhi And Achu catch up on a little more sleep.

We reached there and I should mention on Murali’s indirect insistence that we he found the perfect parking spot. Kids woke up when the car stopped. (They have magic wires running from the car engines into their brain). We loaded all our stuff and the kids in the stroller and set out for our day out.

Did I mention that the weather was good? It truly was. I forgot my jacket and had none to wear. Abhi refused to wear any, we forced him. But Achu said, “Its freezing cold” and wore a jacket, hat, mittens, everything perfectly. I think, Murali and I planned to keep the kids in the stroller and walk around the lake in peace for a while, like the last times, but that plan DID NOT work. Abhi and Achu seriously insisted that they get off the stroller and walk on their own. Sooner, we spotted a dog on the trail and that’s it, no kids would stay in the stroller after that. Our little Achu is such a dog lover. She loves petting them, wouldn’t care if the dogs licked or jumped on her. She remembers the dogs we meet for days. Earlier, we used to encourage her to go pet the dogs, but now, the moment she sees one, she goes to pet the doggy. (We are teaching her to ask first, in case the dogs aren’t ready to be petted). So, the first dog we met that day was still a baby dog, named ‘Banjo’. Then there was ‘Kota’ and others names I can’t remember.

 Despite Abhi and Achu’s constant running around and doing things that we wish they wouldn’t, our walk was very pleasant. We got them excited about a tiny waterfall ahead and kept them going. Abhi jumped in the puddles around the waterfalls like expected. Achu only a little. Then we took a little detour and went near the lake. We both admired the surroundings a bit while Abhi and Achu carried out their life long dream of throwing all available stones into the lake. They did some serious effort to try raise the lake levels.

Now, the easy thing to do than try to explain how the surroundings looked. I couldn’t stop thinking about when Murali and I could go hiking up the mountain again. I really hope it happens this summer.

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We walked around a bit longer and then headed out, promising Abhi and Achu a visit to the Starbucks. They were so excited about going to the Starbucks and they didn’t even know what it was. 🙂  We helped ourselves to some yummy strawbie smoothies and headed home. And that was not all. Weather was still so perfect that we went out for a little walk around our house. It truly was a splendid day to spend time outside.

8 thoughts on “Rattle Snake Ridge

  1. I remember the struggle it used to get the kids out of their jackets as the temperatures started to rise after cold cold winter. I can imagine Achu bundling up 😀

  2. Such beautiful pics! I got so motivated, I just messaged Sherlock we should go on a trek. He replied with a shocking face smiley. :-/
    Nice to see you guys having fun! 🙂

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