A Little Grown Up

It’s bed time. Abhi and Achu are trying to sleep in their crib beds while I am on the bed in between the cribs.

Abhi asks something, “Amma, Can you XXXX?”, some word, I didn’t understand. It sounded like goldfish but I wasn’t sure. So, I asked, “Do you want a goldfish?” (Not that I was getting him one then).

Abhi: “No Amma. Can you XXXX??”

Didn’t understand again. It rarely happens that I don’t understand something kids say. I was confused and scratching my head to figure out what he said.

And then, from the other side of the bed, Achu says,

“Closer…Ammma….Closer. Abhi wants you to come closer”

I just couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t understand what Abhi said and Achu was clarifying it for me. He was asking me to pull his crib closer to our bed. I continued laughing, thanked Achu and did what he asked for. 🙂


Murali was conducting a game for Abhi and Achu, “Five question challenge”. He usually asks them questions which need them to relate one thing to another and answer. Like,

“Achu, What do you need when it is raining?” Achu:” Umbrella”. Or what do you do when you need water in desert? Achu: “I will go to Carmella the camel and ask for water”. 🙂

I forgot what other questions are like, but it is so interesting to see kids think and answer and come to their own conclusions. Yesterday, Murali was telling them a story about a kid named Johnny. He asked,

“What does little Johnny do after he wakes up?” . He meant “goes brushing”, but Abhi responds,

“Eats sugar”.

Get it? 🙂


I bought new curtains for Abhi and Achu’s bedroom. After we hung them together (by together I mean, I hung them while Abhi and Achu moved blankets, comforters, pillows, toys from our bedroom into theirs to make a fake pile of leaves to jump on), nanny says, “Wow. Nice curtains Achu”.

Achu responds, “My Amma made them” (This is the first time she referenced me like that).

Abhi looks at me and says, “Thanks for making the curtains, Amma. They are very nice”.



Our nanny pretends like she is going to vomit and says, “Achu, vomit is coming Achu”.

Achu asks, “Can I get you some water?” Then runs to her pretend tap near the kitchen and get some pretend water in a pretend cup. “You better drink some water mamma”.


Abhi was up early in the morning (as usual). First thing he says, “Can I come sleep on the bed, Amma?”. I am always sleepy then and I just pull him into our bed.

Achu, normally has a range of bed time toys. Yesterday night she went to bed with three big blankets, one big doggy called penny and one small doggy called pinky. Then there is miscellaneous stuff like rings, toy egg, yo-yo, books (until we said no) , camera etc etc. Abhi usually is okay with nothing. However, for the last three nights, he was asking for magnifying glass and he got it. This morning after I moved him to bed, he asked for it again. So I started looking for it in the crib, assuming he must have left it there. I had a feeling, I just saw it somewhere, but I couldn’t trace it. I am looking and looking and suddenly Abhi tells me, “It’s on the carpet Amma”. I look down and there it was. Right next to my legs.

So, a little grown-up, aren’t they? 🙂


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