Moral Of The Story

At bed time, I am telling Abhi and Achu, a part of story of Ramayana.

” Ramudu goes with Kausika mahamuni to save the yagam. Ramudu asks the rakshas, really nicely, ‘Please don’t disturb our yagam. Please go away’. And so the raskshas go away because Ramudu asked them so nicely “.

So the moral of the story, from my point being, ‘You should always ask nicely’. And to finish the story, I ask Abhi and Achu, ‘What is the moral of the story?’

Abhi responds, “First you add tomatoes, and then carrots.. ”

Achu goes, “And then peas and so many cheese”

Abhi continues , “And then pasta and cheese”.

Why is the pasta recipe, moral of Ramayana, I haven’t figured out yet.


Another Ramayana story for the kids.

“And then Soorphanka says, ‘Aaarg…..I am going to eat your nose”. Then Ramudu tells her without getting scared, “Soorphanka…Please don’t eat our noses. We need our noses to breath oxygen. Please don’t eat them”. Then Soorphanka goes away, you know why, because Ramudu asked her nicely. So, what is the moral of the story?”

Abhi: “You should always ask nicely”

Me: “Right”

Abhi: “and no eating noses”.


ย We are reading a story. Little prince gets hurt and everyone around the palace, scrambles to get him a Band-Aid. Finally, prince gets the Band-Aid and gets all better. Now , Abhi seemed to be on a roll with the moral of the story conclusions, so I ask him for the moral.

Abhi: “No getting Ishi-ish first. It hurts”.

Fair enough.


Then there was a baboon that gets stuck in the box; Box gets loaded into the truck, goes up the hill and falls out of the truck and rolls down the hill. Baboon is fine. It doesn’t get hurt. But, moral of the story is,

“No getting tuck (stuck) in the box”.


Then, comes the funniest sounding, tongue twisterย story of tweetle beetles fighting battles in the bottle, Abhi’s moral of the story is,

“No pumpy, slumpy, grumpy bug in the bottle”. We all laugh so much.


Later, Freddie goes eating. Its Spaghetti for dinner. Freddie has to do some waiting, but finally gets to eat his Spaghetti dinner. I ask again for the moral of the story and I get to listen to the relief of a moral, this time.

“Eating bugs, spiders is yucky. They are not mammu.”.

Phew. Finally, something I wanted to hear. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Moral Of The Story

  1. Ughh typed a loooong comment and lost it.
    Gist here – Love this! They actually get it very well – the concept of a moral and learning from a tale , I mean.
    I need to do morals with her too after the story. Somehow we don’t do it much:) Instead I will ask her in between reading if the action was good or bad to ensure she gets it. Otherwise she has no concept of learning from a story yet. This is so cute. Ohh we love the Dr. Seuss with the tweetle beetles in a bottle too:)

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