Murali and I were coming back home from a Costco trip. We put all the groceries in the trunk but then Murali left the sugar bag out of the trunk when there still was space left. I asked him why he wasn’t leaving the sugar bag in the trunk, he replies, “I will put sugar with honey” and puts the sugar bag on Achu’s car seat inside the car. 🙂


While we were having dinner, I was talking about me eating so much and gaining weight…becoming fat. I asked Murali this question. “Do you want a fat wife or a slim wife?”

I meant if I ate so much, I would become the fat wife instead of slim wife.

Murali responds, “I want a fat wife”.

I got surprised at his answer, wondering why would he want me to be fat and I almost died laughing at Murali’s explanation.

“I already have a slim wife. Why would I want another slim one? I will have a fat wife.”

He thought I meant I was getting him another one. 🙂


Me: “Do you want to go for a wild flower hike?”

Murali: “Sure. When?”

Me: “Well, they probably haven’t bloomed yet. So, we have to wait few weeks”.

Murali: “Okay. But what if they get domesticated flowers by then?”


 One time, we were house hunting together, we have been a bit tired so we come back and sat down in the car. Murali immediately asks me for a water bottle. I thought he was probably thirsty and handed hm the bottle. Murali takes the bottle from me and starts biting the bottle instead of drinking water from it. And I just kept staring at him.


 I had the Queen movie song ‘London Tumukhda’ playing in my car when Murali heard it. As you probably know its all in Punjabi and I still was listening to it and singing the song. And Murali asks me what does the song mean? And I had no idea. Thanks to all the Punjabi language involvement in the Bollywood movies (starting from SRK movies), I have been singing those lyrics, even if I didn’t understand them completely (a little jist is all we need, right?). So, Murali just doesn’t ask me once, but multiple times, about different lyrics in the song. Now, I couldn’t just sit and listen to the song anymore. I had to go home and check for the lyrics meaning on the internet. Not that I  could look up all of it, but I checked that the jist I understood was right. And still, each time I hear that song play in my car, I think of Murali  and his comments. The song is just the not same anymore. Thanks for ruining it Murali. 🙂 And Happy anniversary. 🙂



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