The Magic Slate

When I say I want to write about Abhi and Achu, I mean, I want to write everything about them. Absolutely what they do every minute in the day they are awake (and sometimes sleeping 🙂 ). What they eat, what they say, what they play with, what they read, what they do etc, etc, etc. Of course, it is not possible. There was a time when I wanted to take pictures of all of Abhi and Achu’s toys and write about them, what they like etc. But the time passes so quickly and the toys get old even more quickly, that I can only to get to write about their favorite toys (hopefully at least, that).

There was the Haathi and Bear that Abhi and Achu so loved (still do, but less), and now the hot favorite is the magic slate. Our nanny gifted Abhi and Achu this purple erasable slate for their second birthday. I bought something of a mat like this before which works with a water pen. What Abhi and Achu enjoyed most of it with the mat was sucking all the water out of the pen and drinking it. Mat was gone in no time too. So, I was just waiting on Abhi and Achu to be a little older before I get any of these toys again, but our nanny picked this slate that comes with a non-edible pen (not that Abhi didn’t try), that too attached to the slate. And the set was an instant hit with Abhi and Achu.

Our nanny being a very creative person, started drawing pictures on the slate. I stayed to simple things like writing letters, shapes etc. We drew them so many things on the slate. At first it was sun, mountains, starts, shapes, letters, numbers etc. And when the still-existing Halloween hungama took over, we started drawing spiders, skeletons, bugs, purple spider, blue spider, green skeleton…You get the idea. The slate is only black and white and still we get asked to draw colorful things. 🙂

Starting from the day one it got here, Abhi and Achu have been fighting for their chance to draw. So our nanny just got another one for the kids. If I make a list of things that are paisa vasool, the two slates definitely go on the list. 🙂

I use the slate to teach Abhi and Achu Telugu letters. Abhi and Achu probably figured out that for complicated requests, they have to go to either nanna or nanny. But, even then, what would you do, if they ask like, ‘Amma, Can you draw Abhi sitting in Amma’s lap and spider coming to Abhi?’. Seriously how do you draw that? I usually put couple of lines, build a story, distract them and escape from the trap. But such requests are unending.

Many a times, I find Abhi and Achu seriously sitting down and doing some drawings. It’s such a happy sight to watch. Here are some. 🙂

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