Weekend Post

Okay. This was supposed to be the weekend post from last to last weekend. And then, you know, time waits for no one. So it flew by and another weekend came. So, I get to write about two weekends now. It’s almost mid-week now, so I have to hurry.

♠ Friday night, the time when I come home is when I allow myself to indulge in some shopping…for home décor, of course. I bought two very nice night lamps for our future end tables for our bedroom. Night lamps are still sitting in the storage because the future end tables are not ready yet. (They are a work in progress for the last 3 months, at the least).

♠ When I reached home, what did I see? Murali and Achu getting ready to go pick up the pizza. Apparently Murali ordered pizza for dinner and Dad-Daughter duo was going to go pick it up. It was a very interesting scene to me because we have never travelled alone with kids or with just one of them. It’s definitely two kids and two adults whenever we go out. I know Murali was a little hesitant to actually take her, but I really liked the idea of doing these mini trips. It means kids are finally old enough for us to do that. Anyway, the said solo trip didn’t happen, and all four of us went to pickup the pizza. I also managed to do little grocery shopping while kids and Murali waited in the car.

♠ Saturday, it was raining so bad and we didn’t even realize that until we stepped out to do some much needed Ikea shopping. I finally bought some goods to help ME transition the kids into their own bedroom. More on that later, but know that kids may be ready, but I am not ready to do the transition yet. Anyway, I rearranged things, added new stuff to kids bedroom. Most importantly, Murali and I worked so late at night, trying to figure out how to put together a bed rail without any manual. We succeeded, only to find out the railing doesn’t suit the beds we have. Sigh, but gave me another reason to postpone the transition. So, Yayy.

♠ As if the rainy day long trip to Ikea wasn’t enough, I sent off Murali to pickup a new couch for the play room. It was initially supposed to be the perfect piece of couch in our loft/reading nook. But, funny thing was that when the guys moved our super heavy and awesome white leather couch to our new home, they forgot the bars that hold the couch together in the rental van. Eventually they were lost (well, we didn’t even try to get them back), so the heavy leather couch was just three pieces of seats. An accident waiting to happen when you see the two active toddlers pulling, pushing and jumping on everything. It’s a miracle that Abhi and Achu didn’t have one of the seats fall on them. So, I decided to be the good mom I have to be and moved the new safer couch to playroom and the white leather couch to the loft. Although Murali did most of the work moving the couch upstairs, I helped too and was more exhausted than he was. Couch looks super good in my loft too.

♠ I also finally finished my wall canvas hangings for the loft. I cant wait to share it here, but will do after the room is all ready. Currently I am actively furniture shopping for the room. Damn, window curtains are SO expensive.

♠ Coming to the last weekend, Saturday we went out to some friend’s place for dinner. And there are two things I want to say about the visit. Firstly, this was the first family we met in a long long long time that didn’t say anything about how difficult it is to raise twins. They just didn’t. I don’t know why. But I was so relieved to not have to answer that question. Even if it was just once.  Secondly, I realized (again) that having two kids few years apart is no easy job compared to having twins (which is why I hate when people ask me that question about raising twins).

♠ And Sunday was just a gorgeous day for us here. Temperate touched 60s for us. Plus it was sunny. Having seen 30s and 40s, 60s feel sooooo good. Like it was summer already. We planned ahead to make use of the sunshine and head out. So, we did, to a Seward park near Seattle, by the bay. It was truly so beautiful. Park was so crowded. We had clear views of the Mighty Mt. Rainier from the park; The serene lake and a long trail by the bay. I realized this weekend, that we need to teach kids how to behave in public. By that I mean, when we are at home, kids do what is okay with us; they know where to go, where not to. But when we are outside, Abhi needs to know that he can’t just run around everywhere and touch everything. Achu needs to know that its okay to get down and walk. So, you know what they did in our trip. But we still enjoyed a lot. Took some great pics. For few minutes, it looked like, Abhi and Achu’s only goal in life is to throw all the stones into the water. They refused to come back and sit in the stroller. It makes me so much happy to see the kids walk and enjoy outside home. We deny them that so much because of the cold weather. But, good news is, weather will only get better now. 🙂

And here are some awesome clicks from our designated photographer Mr.Murali. 🙂


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