No Sense Talk

In my opinion, I think Abhi and Achu talk pretty well for their age (Of course, I am their mom. What else would I say, right?). There are some really pleasant surprises for us, once atleast a day. Like the time when Achu said, ‘Oh my goodness’ or what Abhi responds with these days, “I guess so”. And then there are these times, when the sentences or responses don’t make any sense at all. They are still very humorous though.


“Amma. Give me a paper. I have to clean the skeleton”. Achu takesΒ the tissue paper from me. Cleans some pretend skeleton on the carpet. “There. Clean”.


Achu with a stethoscope. “Abhi, I am going to check your checks”.

“Athu, I am scared of dentist Athu”.

“Its okay Abhi”. Convinces him somehow to put the steth on his body.

“Abhi you have twenty points Abhi”

“Oh. I have twenty points”


Achu tells our nanny. “I am going for a check with my mommmy” (That’s mommy in pure American style. They call me amma at home).

Saying that, she left the playroom. I thought she was coming toΒ me to do that whatever check thing was.

Achu sees me in the living room. Says. “Bye bye..ammma” and keeps walking. So if I am not the mommmy, who is?


Abhi starts crying suddenly. I look at him. He tells me, still crying. “I am trying to bite my finger Amma”.

Why??? I wonder.


I was working on my laptop and Achu asks, “Amma, Are you typing coriander?”


I made a carrot with play dough. Abhi tells me, “This is too strong for a carrot, amma”.

What’s that supposed to mean??

Also, the time he complained about “Sprain pain in my mandible”. What?


Then, Achu tried to grasp something totally new and acted like she understood everything.

Achu looks at the package and asks. “Who got that package?”

“Fedex guy just dropped it off”.

“What is fedex”

Trying my best to answer the question so that she understands. I knew she wont anyway.

“Its a courier service”

“What’s a korean service?”

I laughed bad. “Its someone who delivers whatever you ordered online to you”

And she goes, “Oh I seeeeee”.


And then there are these totally extreme and disturbing asks from Abhi.

“Can I eat poopy?”

“Can I eat pommachi (God)?”

“Here amma, eat this…” Hands me some pretend thing. “What is it Abhi?”, I ask. “Its a slug”

“CanΒ I eat a bug cake?”

“Amma. I am eating macaroni. There is spider inside my macaroni” and then quickly swallows it.

“Do you know what is inside my macaroni now?”. “What?”, I ask, already scared of the answer.

“A skunk is in my macaroni”.


All this, and yesterday lunch time, Achu and Abhi were pretending to be “Captain Caillou and Fantastic Leo”. It’s funny, both of them thought they were the captain and the other one was Fantastic Leo. I, of course, used the occasion to get them to eat by themselves. I told Abhi, “Captain Caillou, Finish the fruit”. Abhi responds, “Okay. Captain Amma”.

I laughed so much and that’s it. All the extreme ‘Can I eat crappy thing?’ questions were pardoned.


That’s the no sense talk for now. Signing off……

Captain Amma


10 thoughts on “No Sense Talk

  1. Love this!!They do talk well ,yaar. No doubt about that. So glad you are capturing this. I went back on my blog to a few months ago and had fun reading some stuff Bandar said in September. All forgotten by me now of course. Thank God for blogs for us to save this. Bandar goes into random senseless stuff too sometimes. Her current favorite is “You look like a fruit, I want to eat you.”

    1. I know, right. I do the same. That’s the main reason I write all the little things. There is so much I don’t want to forget and yet I do. πŸ™‚
      Hahah. Don’t eat amma fruit Bandar. Who will give you all the hugs and kisses? πŸ™‚

  2. Hehe… are super cute. And yes, they do talk really well. There are times when Joy says such stuff too.
    And btw, did you ask Murali who the mommmy is? πŸ˜‰

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