Little Moments

Abhi, Achu and I were playing in the second bedroom (what we call Thata Pati’s bedroom always). I recently moved their play tent and blocks set there. I was on the bed while the little people assembled a spider, biggest tower ever, etc, etc. We read a book about how ‘Jillian Jigs’ didn’t cleanup her room and we faked fainting, just like mom fainted in the book (after seeing the messy room).

More of kids things…after this and that, Achu suddenly lifts the comforter and wraps it around me. Abhi asks me to lie down. He points one little finger at me and says, ‘Amma, Coze your eyes’. I do as I am told. Achu talks in hush-hush tone, “Common Abhi, Amma is sheeping. Lets go out”. Abhi tells me, “Dont let the bed bugs bite you amma”. I laugh and I immediately get told, ‘Sushh.Amma; Sushhhhhhh. It is your bed time’. Abhi and Achu head out of the room, turning light off. Murali comes upstairs that time and asks them what was happening in normal tone. He gets told very seriously, “NANNAA..Shh…Amma is sheeping”. Few minutes later, the little heads come into the room to check on me. I wasn’t sleeping any, was having only a happy moment.


It is usually the time when I am leaving for work, that Abhi and Achu get suddenly all cutesy. They do the cutest things, shower hugs on me; suddenly display some talent or skill that I didn’t see yet. It’s that moment I think, ‘damn, why I am leaving all this and going to work?’. But, anyways, I guess the guilt is all in my head, so I leave anyway. So, for today, Abhi and Achu were siting on the couch. Suddenly, Abhi was Pom-Pom. Pom-Pom is a pig in one of our books. She wants to be a dog, cat or fox, instead of pig; Until she realizes being a pig is fun too. Abhi pretends like he is pom-pom and he wants to be a dog. He crawls on the couch, trying to dig in the mud, saying, ‘Pom-pom doggy’. Digging, so cutely, full of laughs, that is. Now, Achu comes to him, hugging him from behind, laughing, tells him, ‘No pom-pom. You are a pig. You can’t be a dog’. Pom-pom Abhi continues to dig; Achu continues to convince him that he is not a dog and a pig instead. I continue my laughing, looking at each of them falling and hugging each other.


And when I came home in the evening, I opened the door slowly, almost hiding myself. Because I came home yesterday and Achu was plain disappointed that it was me and not nanna. Tell me. Is that fair? I do so much work for them and all that they want is nanna. Anyway, today when I came home, no one was disappointed, but, Achu had something serious. A series of non-stop fake sneezes. “Amma, looks like I caught cold”, she told me. and continued her fake sneezes. Aaaaah-choooo; Ahhhhh-choooo

Abhi comes to update me on the condition. “Amma, Achu is afraid of dentists’s office”. Why Achu needed to go to dentist when she can’t stop her fake sneezes is something I didn’t understand, but it was ruled out that Achu cannot go to dentist’s office now. Then, we asked Dr.Abhi what we needed to do. Pat came the reply. “Amma. Get Achu karpooram medicine”. Our medicine for cold season. So, fake medicine was made and applied to the fake sneezes and then the girl finally got relief from all the fake hard work she was doing.

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