My dad retired and my parents moved to our home town six months ago (Yes, I was supposed to write out about the retirement, moving to the hometown, six months ago. I was also supposed to write about their stay with us, four months ago. Hopefully, I will get to it sometime). Since then, they have been keep quite busy, upgrading their beloved home, reconnecting with our old neighbors, relatives. And this week, being Sankranthi for us, my sister and her family went to my parents place to celebrate. To our home-town and the home where we grow up together. It’s been about 15 years, we left the place. We only went their twice after that. Once for my sister’s wedding and then for mine. Its been a while but I am still so nostalgic about the place and the house.

Anyway, I am trying to get regular about Skype-ing with my parents, instead of phone call. This evening, was just so much special because there was my sister and her family. And what a precious memory it was to see all of them like that.

As soon as the session was on, my sisters’ son was sitting in front of the laptop. He was born when I was working in Hyderabad, some 10 years ago. He has grown so much taller; He is a big boy now and I just can’t believe it. I still remember rocking him to sleep, singing to him, watching him dance. I have so many good memories with him. When I look at this face, he is still the same cute face and I can’t think of him as a 10 year old boy. 🙂 I guess I can never see him any other way. He will always be our little Pandu. 🙂

My home town is pretty famous for food. Especially, sweets made are quite authentic and of good quality (trust me about the quality. If my mom approved it, anyone will like it 🙂 ). So, the session was on and I see this little champ eating a Mysore Pak (made at my favorite sweets-shop) instead of breakfast 🙂 . Seeing him like that, I got totally nostalgic. I was about to cry and covered my face making some fake crying noises like I wanted to eat that sweet too.

My dad was there, soon my mom joined, my sister’s youngest, 3 year old Chinnu was there too, freshly bathed 🙂 . Then my BIL came in to say hi. For some 30 minutes, my TV looked beautiful with the sight of my beautiful family. Everyone smiling; trying to talk to us; Pandu telling me about his day plans; Murali teasing my mom about the food she was making; about the trips my dad was supposed to take the kids on; So many things.

My sister had a bad sore throat it seems, so she was only listening and I missed listening to her voice. She was just staring at the screen, at all of us. I was talking to all, but mostly I stared at my sister. She being in that home, has somehow made me so nostalgic. I just wanted to go there, hug my sister, hug them all and spend the day with them. I wanted to be part of their plans for these two days; How I wished I could do that. Now and then, my eyes were getting wet, I was like on borderline meltdown crying session, but thankfully it didn’t happen (It happened later over the chapathi making session, but it wasn’t major).

My sister showed me here new dress she was going to wear today. It was a bit black dress. My mom, usually wouldn’t approve wearing black on festivals, but I guess its okay now 🙂 . Her dress was beautiful. So was Chinnu’s.

Yesterday, they all visited the temple where my dad grew up and was a priest while he was waiting for a job. The temple is so personal to us; My grandfather found the precious moorthis (of ramudu, seetha, laskshamanudu and anjaneya swamy) in the canal behind our house. My dad used to tell me these stories and they are just so amazing stories.

I wish I was there with them yesterday. Today, the plan is to go to the nearby beach. I wish I could be with them today. I know our home would be so full of laughter, talking, kids running around and I can’t believe I am not there to see all that. My mom said we should be there for the next Pongal, and I was thinking I wish it really happens (other times, I wouldn’t have been in favor of it).

All identity risks aside, here is my precious memory from today. See, how happy they all look? It’s exactly how it was when we were chatting. My sister has the most beautiful smile. I wish she was able to talk. There is my big little boy and his darling sister. My dad looking handsome as always. My BIL, always like a family member we grew up with. Look, even my mom who always freezes for pictures is smiling big. 🙂

I guess, this picture got added to my favorite pictures of all time. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Nostalgic

  1. Such a beautiful picture Dil.. 🙂 Sometimes how we wonder if the times never changed.. Sigh. Nevertheless what are memories for. Enjoy your day Dil. Sankranthi Subhakanshalu 🙂

  2. What a lovely picture! It is because of missing moments like this that I sometimes really regret some of the choices we have made – about living so far away I mean. I can totally understand your sadness..

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