Time For Shopping

Isn’t it fun? An afternoon reserved just for shopping; Driving to a far away outlet mall between the mountains on a cloudy day, covered in little snow; delicious delicious Italian food for lunch, complete with a soup that was hoped would be on the menu. Yummm. And then hopping from store to store, picking where we wanted to go; Trying clothes on; Walking around the outlet with all those bags; Yeah. Fun.

Hmm. Just a little thing. Shopping was not for me. It was for Murali. Yep. We reserved an whole afternoon for his shopping. The ever so busy person comes home early (like 11 in the morning early) and tells me lets go out. Of course, I knew he had shopping on his mind, so I said shopping too. He has been talking so long about throwing all his existing shirts away and buying new ones. Well, not literally throwing away, I had hoped. But he looked serious. So we finally took some time to buy those new shirts, before he throws away something without me noticing or worse…burning or digging holes in it. 🙂

We headed out even without having lunch, hoping we can eat something on the way. Lucky us, we took the deserted route which had nothing except scenic mountains, farms and gorgeous flowing river. We reached the destination and were almost settling for lunch at McD (yuck!) or starbucks, when we found this Italian restaurant. Mmmm.. Delicious Eggplant Parmesan, Veggie Lasagna and the soup Murali was hoping to have. No pictures which also should tell you that food was eaten as soon as it arrived. 🙂

And then after the plates were almost emptied, we headed to the mall. It was Murali’s day out shopping. So, he picked where to go, what to buy. I did give me expert opinion on every shirt he tried; That he looked good in it, of course 🙂 . I did my best to convince him to buy something new style, but he woudn’t. Sigh. Some ten stores; Looking at this and that; Trying on couple of things, we had few bags full of six shirts. So, that’s how much the outlet mall has benefited after some 4 hours of shopping. Six shirts (I know! Just six?). While his shopping was going on, I used the time to shop to buy wonderful set of shoes for Abhi and Achu. I call them wonderful because they were later certified by Abhi and Achu as ‘these shoes fit me amma’ and we don’t want to take these off ever and we will walk around the house wearing them , even have our diapers changes with the shoes on. Wonderful, right? 🙂 I also bought two night pants for me. Sadly, not so wonderful buy.

So, we headed home all done with shopping, en route, Murali gives me a little shock that we took the wrong exit and are headed towards the snow mountains and not home. I got a bit scared. Because we had to go home on time; getting stuck in snow is not what I wanted to happen etc. Turns out, he was only joking. And this incident and scaring me deserves a special mention in this post because Murali never manages to scare or surprise me. This is the second incident when he truly surprised me. Anyway, I was relieved to find out he was only joking and we headed to the Costco (of course right, that’s what you do after an afternoon of shopping), and then went home.

At home, while Abhi and Achu were marching all over the house in the new shoes, saying, ‘they fit’, ‘they fit’ (what, was it cinderalla’s shoe?), Murali settled over to show-off his new clothes. Then our nanny points out and asks Murali,’ Don’t you have the same shirt already?’. See, when I said I was trying to make him try new stuff, I also meant that I was asking him to buy shirts in different colors and same squared checks as what he already has.  After a closet full of blue-ish shade shirts, this time we were adding couple of red-ish color shirts. One of them was exactly the same as what he already has. So, checkout Murali’s classic answer to why he bought the same shirt again. Apparently, the last one was worn out, so he was buying a new one and replacing the old one. Really. 🙂 I knew about some of this already. So, instead of questioning this again, I had a hearty laugh along with nanny and moved on.

There was a time when I bought anything new, the first thing I would do after coming home would be try it on. Not anymore. Now-a-days I even forget I bought things new. So, I was happy to see Murali be so excited about what he got and even try it on. I think he looked best in that grey-green shirt, the one with no red-touch on it. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Time For Shopping

  1. I dont like doing shopping ..
    4hours 6 shirts .. WOW….

    COSTCO.. hmmm they opened a costco a mile away from where i live and i just became a member .. it is a good store i think 🙂

  2. Hahaha 🙂 I can totally relate. Its been ages since we went shopping for S. It takes his own sweet time to choose one shirt that after an hour you can see me trying to find a chair to sit 😀 😀 Most of the times even after trying multiple times, he wouldnt buy it. Grrrr. And dont even tell me about blue/grey – there are a number of shirts in the same color with S also.

  3. I am not very fond of shopping but the first part of this post i.e, scenic view and food part makes me want to go out and shop.
    Six shirts in four hours😱 really?

  4. Between me and Sherlock, I think he shops more! 😀
    But now that you say it, I realize, even I used to come home and try on everything. I stopped doing that now. What do you think is the reason? o.O

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