For 2015

Alright. I accept. I am a resolutions making person now. I didn’t think I would be one, but given how busy life is, it certainly doesn’t hurt to take a moment and think about what I want to do and what I really don’t want to.

But, first…some retrospection. For 2014, I had such plans. Looking back at my 2014 resolutions post, I have accomplished 0 out of 12. Seriously, yes. I think 3 or 4 things, a little bit, mainly because it concerns Abhi and Achu and that’s a necessity. But the rest, nothing. I did learn to do few things on my own (Shopping to begin with), but I didn’t get to reading books or swimming. I did forgive few people for the pain they caused me, but not completely. I am a total failure on trying to forget few things that happened (Total failure is defined as still thinking about it EVERY SINGLE DAY). I didn’t go hiking. Didn’t care enough about weight gain or exercising. At least I tried to do better at maintaining relationships. And I think home is little bit clean, but you know there is always that chocolate milk stain to clean or trims to wipe or backyard to clean. Sigh.

So, new plan. Here it goes.

1. Abhi and Achu: Teach them, love them, care for them no matter what. Make good memories for/with them. Spend time with them without being somewhere else.

2. Work: Be better. Do more than my best. Be clear.

3. Read: Read a book, one for a month (that’s what I should set the goal as to end up with reading one book in a year 🙂 ). No matter what. That loft is not going to be perfect and ready for me to start reading in my cozy dream space any time soon. So start reading. (Anyone want to join a book pact with me? Just to motivate one another. 🙂 )

4. Hike: Go hiking and make sure Abhi and Achu go on their first hike this year.

5. Enjoy the summer: Last summer simply passed away wondering what to do. This summer MUST be better.

6. Forget and ignore: I CANNOT let the incident that happened an year and half ago bother me still. I CANNOT keep feeling bad about something someone said six months ago. I simply cannot. I think its time I write about it in the open and be done with it.

7. Me-time: Absolutely. I learnt to shop on my own. It seemed like a big deal before. Now that I do it frequently, it doesn’t seem like a big deal at all. I still need to do other things on my own. Like, learning to go swimming. Learning to swim is not the problem, going there first, all by myself is. Sigh.

8. Take good care of home;  Continue with DIY projects no matter what others say or rather, don’t say.

9. Get things done: Don’t procrastinate.

Well, looks very realistic. Doesn’t it? Only time will tell.


14 thoughts on “For 2015

    1. Thanks. Wish you a great one too.
      Cool. 😀 I started reading one. I think I am still stuck on page 12, reading and rereading it for the Nth time, while Abhi and Achu are going crazy singing lullabies. 😀

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