New Years

♦ Murali’s plan for the news years night was to light up the firepit in our backyard. Mine was simple. Cake, Champagne, Movie, say HNY, that’s all.

♦ We invited our friends couple L and D to our home for the night and the day after. I still didn’t believe that we were going to light the firepit, since we have never used it before.

♦ I prepared some dinner for all of us. L and D arrive with their little guy Y. Lots of kids activity, running around and finally all the kids were down by 11.

♦ Murali and D stepped into the backyard. It was freaking cold. Murali lit the fire, D had a handy little night light, then magic happened and tada…we had our fire pit all lit.

♦  L and I were still reluctant to step out. We did finally, because it was too tempting not to. We geared up too. I still wasn’t positive I could sit in that cold weather outside (It was 0 degrees almost).

♦ Our little patio table came super handy. We sat around the fire pit and it got so awesome. This was my first campfire and to have it in my own backyard was even more better. 🙂

Men working…
Women relaxing.

♦ L and I concluded that D has good experience dealing with the fires, growing up in the village and Murali, less because, well, he is a city boy. Yep. That’s the nickname D gave Murali and let me tell you, its sticking. 😀 Henceforth, he will be called CityBoy, of course :). We called him CityBoy every chance we got and had good laughs 🙂

♦ We barely noticed when the clock struck 12. Wished each other. There was beer; There was corn; There was gulab jamoon, I made. We forgot to open the champagne or cut the cake. It was pretty awesome already. 🙂

♦ We spent some time talking spooky stories, camping stories, kids, jobs, things I cant even remember now. After a while, I took my boots and sat in that cold weather around the fire with just socks on. Can you believe it? Our fire pit is magical. 🙂

♦ L and I took turns every five minutes or so checking on the kids sleeping inside, because we just cant trust the baby monitor. Kids were sound asleep.

♦ We spent some two hours sitting by the fire, watching the fireworks, the beautiful moon and the clear skies and called it a night.

Our happy fire and some deeply unhappy corn.




♦ And then it was morning. A brand new year. Kids were up and so were all of us. L made us the perfect cup of morning coffee. We stood in the kitchen and sipped our coffee talking.

♦ More of kids running around, eating breakfast, not eating breakfast. L and D head home with Y to get some food into him. We do our round of normal things. Do some little pooja, feed kids lunch, cleanup Abhi’s vomit (of course, right!), put them to bed.

♦ We headed to L and D’s house in the evening to finally cut that cake. Oh, that fun part just needs a post on its own.

Happy New Year you all. 🙂 May the world be a better place to live in this year. 🙂

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