A Perfect Day Out

Ahh. God knows how long have I been craving for a proper vacation (Hmm.. more than 3 years.. Now you know too). Each time someone calls my last India trip of 4 months a vacation, my blood boils. That time was nothing like a vacation. I was doing nothing but working 24*7 (No one will believe it, I know 😦 ). One day, I went out with a friend and for two other days, I was dehydrated and sick, that’s all the time-off I got from my slavery. Murali promised me a Europe trip, but, you know, of course it didn’t happen. We were thinking of a trip to Hawaii; Guess what, it’s not happening. There was another planned vacation to the mountains with kids. Hmm. Now you know what I am going to say.

You might be wondering why I am starting off my post titled, “Perfect Day Out” with such negativity. Well, It’s lack of that vacation time is what made my one day off in many years perfect.

So, after my multiple beggings and reminders, Murali took one day off from his work. Really. One day off. I am telling you. Most of our teams disappear from work starting Thanksgiving and are gone the whole month of December. It’s considered a great time for time-offs and Murali took one day off. Sigh.

Anyway, We planned to visit the deception pass again. As it involves a little hike and lots of scenic views. I wanted to be sure we get something good out of our trip. We left in the morning after nanny arrived to take care of kids.  We grabbed yummy donuts for breakfast and set out for deception pass.

Interesting thing – the maps on my phone thinks that when I ask for directions, it can just give me a route with ferry on it without telling me. So, we drove for an hour and arrived at a dead end road, bay with ferry boarding and nothing else. Only when we arrived at this ferry boarding, did we completely realize (despite Murali saying that he thought the route was different 🙂 ) that we had to take the ferry instead of a road trip to get to the destination. So, that moment, we decided to ditch our original plan and instead go visit the Whidbey island through the ferry. (Of course, right. What trip goes according to the plan? 🙂 )

Ferry was readily available. We boarded it (we get to drive our car onto ferry too) and as soon as we parked, we went inside the ferry to catch the views. We took Abhi and Achu to another island on ferry in the summer. All that I wanted to do on the ferry that day was to watch the views along with kids. But all that Abhi and Achu wanted to do was run around inside the ship. So, nice thing, again. I got to stay quite and enjoy the beautiful views from the ferry.

Weather was chilling cold that day and it was cloudy too. Didn’t bother us much because we like it that way too 🙂 . We called it, “The day of Selfies”, as Murali clicked a ton of pictures of the two of us and ofcourse the beautiful views. It was cold but the breeze was enjoyable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a short ferry to a place called Clinton. Murali decided to go to Fort Casey state park. Apparently there was supposed to be a lighthouse in here that he HAD to see 🙂 . And he did. He kept driving until  he saw it. The views along the drive were so beautiful and I was okay with stopping anywhere in between, but he had to drive until he saw the lighthouse. Thanks to him we landed at the actual fort. The view of the bay from this fort was so beautiful. Add to that the sound of crashing waves. AMAZING. I love love love the sound. Apparently this fort was used to fire the barrels as you can see. They are HUGE. I didn’t read about the history here (no time), but I imagine it must have been some drama. I cant imagine firing those things onto incoming boats. Wow. Scary.

Being a cloudy day, it wasn’t crowded at all. We had some peaceful time enjoying the views, admiring the surroundings. We didn’t get to the bottom of the cliff to get near the water. We walked all around and were making sure that we don’t want to be those unfortunate people who fall down the cliffs while taking selfies. Seriously, the views were amazing, but it could be dangerous.

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Here is one video for you (I seem to be liking this youtube video insert feature, so you may be delighted with more of these from now on. Consider this a warning. I also know I am very late to exploring this feature).

After that, we headed back to the nearest town for some shopping and lunch. Like a good homemaker 😉 , I packed some lunch, but, you know Murali. He will skip my food for anything else 😀 . We were looking for some nice restaurants, and there was this one little street with all the stores. That was the town’s happening place. After some scouting, we found a great looking small diner. Food/ambience was just superb. We had a sumptuous late lunch. These small towns are great for some little shopping too. The thrift store are my favorites. There are many interesting items to buy (for cheap prices too. We bought a flower vase, some time ago, for $3 that’s sitting on my island currently). We headed to a biggest thrift store around for some shopping (for home décor, of course) and left buying books for kids. Most of Abhi and Achu’s books are old/reused. And we bought some interesting books for them.

Then, we took the ferry back. Enjoyed the views a little more. On the way back, we headed to a toy store to get some Christmas gifts for Abhi and Achu. We usually buy them some toy/book, 24th of every month. So, this was that too. We got some puzzles, musical instruments, books, the most-fought-for toy as-of-now, a firetruck 🙂 .

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In the evening, we also did the musical band singing kids songs with the new musical instruments. That was so much fun. 🙂

That was our perfect day. Everything fell into place, despite the weather and changed plans, it was still perfect and enjoyable, most importantly some me-time for Murali and me. 🙂

10 thoughts on “A Perfect Day Out

  1. Sounds perfect! And the pictures! You really love the slideshow and youtube feature, don’t you? 😀
    I am still waiting for a vacation. All my one day weekends are going off in setting up the house. Its so tiring! 😦

  2. Awesome! The views are lovely. And awesome books for the kiddos. Just had to say so glad you guys did this together and without the kids . This post just reminded me that we need some alone time as a couple too. How important that is. Makes me want to plan something asap together but so hard now that work is in full swing for both of us.Might just end up being a lunch date but still something:)

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