She Has A Point, You know.

Those moments when Achu reasoned with us over something  quite validly (and was even right sometimes).


Abhi and Achu were jumping on the comforter set or something on the carpet, falling over each other. Murali got afraid that they were going to hurt each other when they fall on each other like that, so he told Achu not to do that and moved her away from Abhi.

Achu responds , “Sorry Nanna. I was just trying to cuddle with Abhi”.


I was on the bed at night, putting kids to bed (basically waiting for them to sleep so that I can sneak out of the room). I was hungry so I got a pack of biscuits with me and was eating it. Achu asked repeatedly if she can also eat the biscuit. I said no, because she already had her dinner and thought she might vomit everything. After repeatedly telling her she cannot have the biscuit, I told her seriously again.

Achu responds, “But Amma… I was just trying to eat food with you”.


Every night, when its their sleep time, I play some sleep songs on my phone. It’s mainly for Achu. Abhi doesn’t care much for these songs. Achu insisted for many nights, that only “Hush little baby” be played. One night, she asked me to play “Hushaby and not lullaby” song. I didn’t take her seriously and played the “lullaby, Good night” song because I thought that was the one she was referring to and thought she was wrong in naming the songs. As usual, she complained very much and I pacified her and told her ‘Lullaby’ was what she wanted. She didn’t give up. Every night she would ask the same. Suddenly, one night, I realized that there was indeed a song titled “Hushaby”. I felt sad that I ignored her and she was actually right all the way. I apologized to her and from the day on, she asks, “Amma, play hushaby not lullaby” and when I do it right, she tells me, “Yeah. This one Amma. This one.”


Once, I told her that I don’t have my phone with me and so I cant play the songs (get tired of all kids songs, you know 🙂 ). Achu obliged that day. Next night, she first asked me if I had my phone with me. I smiled, said yes and then she asks me to play her song. Now, she always checks with me first and then requests her song. 🙂


We were shopping on Costco once. Abhi and Achu were sitting in the cart. I was navigating the cart with Achu in it through the crowd (you know how it is). For a second there, I was checking out something towards my right and almost hit something. I avoided that at the last minute and turned the cart. Achu turns, looks at me and says,

“Amma, be careful. Don’t be scared.”


Each time, she tries to convince Abhi when he is crying. Like,

“Its okay Abhi. We can go to the park after we wake up.”

“Its okay Abhi, you can play in the bathroom after you do potty.”

“Abhi, first my turn. Then yours Okay?”


Achu found some stone work on my dress and asked me what it was. Just for pure amusement, I told her it was diamonds, told her to go to nanna and ask him to buy diamonds for me. Achu goes to Murali and asks,

“Nanna, can you buy diamonds for Amma? Can you buy diamonds for Achu? Can you buy diamonds for Abhi?”

I laugh and tell her that I only asked you to ask diamonds for me.

Achu replies, “But amma, I just want diamonds for everybody”.

Isn’t she generous? 🙂 That’s it. Diamonds for everybody. Murali is buying 😉

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