The Music Kids

So, we all are music people, right! We all love love love music. Let me tell you that we were serious about naming our daughter ‘Sarigama’, even before there was any kid in our lives. But then twins happened, that too a boy and a girl and we couldn’t find a good name that rhymes with Sarigama. So we went with something else.

Anyhoo, in particular, I love singing (okay, fine who doesn’t). I did my best to learn violin for couple of years. Three to be precise, but it still counts as couple of years. I am like RajniKanth, that way. However, the skill set I gained was nothing like that. Whereas the other adult in our family, learnt to play veena for many many years. He is the one who can pick an instrument and start playing it. Also can listen to a new song and play it pretty much neatly.

And when there are two little kids in the family, you can guess whom we want the kids to be like. Well, I don’t know if they will get to be like their dad yet, but Abhi and Achu, sure are our little cutie singers already.

Okay, if you thought, which kid doesn’t like music or sing, scratch all that above. Consider this is just a post about two kids singing randomly. I have totally lost track of what I wanted to write and blabbered. Plus, the delete button on my laptop isn’t working. Just kidding. I don’t want to erase all that I wrote. I am not drunk, I swear. I am just lost and hungry.

*** Actual post starts here ***

When my mom was here, she pointed out to me that Achu was good at singing. I knew kids were singing songs, but I noticed her better after my mom pointed it out. Achu was indeed singing more number of nursery rhymes, songs I sing with her etc. Abhi did too, but it had to be one of his favorites or some common nursery rhyme. I found her singing one of the Telugu songs I used to sing, repeating it pretty well too. My first super surprise came when Achu was talking to our nanny, responding to her questions and made a song out of it. I just couldn’t believe my ears. Nanny and I just watched her sing in complete admiration, “Okay Mamma. Okay Mamma…” (and something else, I forgot 😦 ), in the tune of a nursery rhyme she knows. I was just amazed. She saw us admiring her and she knew she has done something good. 🙂 So she continued her singing.

Other times, I would see Abhi and Achu singing rhymes or songs in chorus. The other day, I told them it was their nap time and sent them upstairs to sleep. Guess what they did. Sat in their beds and sang “Itsy bitsy spider” aloud and in chorus, finally skipped their nap time.

The day before, Abhi was saying sorry about something, and he sang, “I am so sorry” in a tune, repeatedly. I was just laughing.

For dinner tonight, we had moong dal and guess what Abhi and Achu sang, “Pesara mammu is yellow. White mammu is white. Amma’s dress is green. Nanna’s dress is purple” (We call yogurt our white mammu).

So, we parents did the right thing and got Abhi and Achu a set of musical instruments (That too on a deal). A set of maracas, tambourine, a triangle etc. The day we got the set, Abhi and Achu were super excited. Each of us picked up an instrument and marched in the living room, singing few songs kids know. Oh. That was pure joy. For few minutes (well, that’s what you can get with active toddlers), we were a perfect band; Singing songs, playing the musical instruments. I have seen them play with the instruments randomly, but we should do the band again. That was so much fun.

Tonight, Abhi and Achu were in bed after dinner and Abhi starts to hiccup. Since he is an vomit expert, I thought getting him out of the bed and letting him play for a while would stop the vomit. And that’s how we had our first family concert in bed. Again, singing nursery rhymes.

Here is one weird looking video of the wheels on the bus song they sang tonight while Abhi also provided some dance entertainment. For a minute there, I didn’t turn the camera light on because with that, kids would stop singing and start poking the light coming from the camera.

Just until few days ago (and even until now), I was amused and super happy about Abhi and Achu talking and I just cant be amused enough about their singing now. As their mom, I think they are just amazing singers. 🙂

*** The end… Of post ***

Run away now or the blabber begins again..i am still hungry.


10 thoughts on “The Music Kids

  1. 😀 😀 😀 😀 they are lovely and super voice they do have 🙂 🙂 its time for a musical family *smiles* love to see more videos 🙂 is that a favourite song of abhi by the way ???

  2. Lovely…loved Abhi moving around acting it out. So cool about both of you loving music and knowing how to play instruments yaar.In our case, I was forced into learning music and hated it …have no sense of musical rhytm at all . The H doesn’t sing but atleast listens to songs randomly,I don’t listen to any music at all. Bandar funnily enough loves music and sings all day long. She’s now singing old Kishore Kumar songs after our India trip and keeps saying she loves “Hindi songs”

    1. Isnt it how we all are? 🙂 If something is enforced on us..we try to stay away. I was never made to take classes, so I wanted them always.

      Awww.. Old hindi adorable 🙂

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