The Home Project – Backyard

So, guess what is happening? I have dreamed of owning a home for so long and now that we own one, I don’t have time to write about it. But of course, that doesn’t mean I am not enjoying it or having fun decorating it. I am doing that very much :). In fact, I go home décor shopping almost every week. If I were given a chance, I would do that everyday. But, as there is a budget limit for everything, once a week is good 😉 . So, today I thought I would finally start writing about our home, starting with our backyard. Hmm, because I have some pictures ready and also because it doesn’t look anything like it used to before. 🙂 Yep, Murali and I are officially on track to kill every plant in the backyard :). First, the hot weather helped us accomplish our task. Then it was extra rains and now the cold weather plus snow. Like I said, we are on track 🙂 .

Anyway, when we were house hunting, we didn’t have bigger backyards in mind (given our lack of gardening skillset and my extreme fear of insects). But, when we came to see this house, we just instantly liked everything. We loved the backyard, the space everything. In fact, our backyard is one of my favorite places in our home now.

Right after we moved in, the weather was just perfect for us to enjoy the backyard.  Walking in the grass, exploring the plants (confirming that the blueberry looking fruits from plant were indeed blueberries; That was some serious risk we took, you know, tasting the unknown  🙂 ), having tea, eating, reading, napping, we have done little of it all.

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It was very easy for me to buy décor for the backyard. Since I didn’t have any expectations on how my backyard should like (well, except for insect-free), I liked many pieces I saw. In fact, that patio table was the first piece of furniture we bought for the house. I had to buy these flowers for my kitchen island, but ended up moving it into the patio, along with an old water filter as a vase, because I liked it better here. (Or I needed something better for my island 🙂 ).


The day I bought this owl, I decided spring will always be in my backyard, regardless of the season 🙂


And now the front side.

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So, now the state of the backyard is little lot different. Well, at least for the last one week, it looked better than before because of the first snow. It was so beautiful. I will save that for another post.  🙂

10 thoughts on “The Home Project – Backyard

  1. It’s always lovely to have a backyard! I know exactly what you mean since we got our own house recently!
    Hope you enter the giveaway by British Airways that is going on in my blog!

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