The Abhi and Achu Talk Show

Why shouldn’t there be one? We have endless tories (stories) and one-liners that crack us up. Just so many that I cannot keep track of (unless I have 24*7 recorders around them).


Achu is a very serious sleep pretender. A sleep pretender is one who pretends to sleep once every hour. Doesn’t matter where. It could be on carpet; Or on Haathi; Or in our lap; Or on dining table. Anywhere. And she takes sleep pretending to be a serious job. Her eyes are tightly closed. Her smile almost gone. Lips sealed – no talking, no drama. But she does, open those little eyes once in a while to check on us. Why, you ask? To make sure we are admiring her sleep pretending and thinking she is as adorable as she is. If we don’t take her seriously, we will be warned. Today, I was trying to tell her something while she was sleep pretending and she said, “Amma, Don’t make noise. I am sheeping”. And then again, “Amma, Don’t sing any songs. I am sheeping”. I made the mistake of calling her bossy girl (in front of her 🙂 ) and she told me ‘Amma, don’t call me bossy gal. I am sheeping’. Abhi followed-up and confirmed, he was not ‘bossy boy’ either.


It was Abhi and Achu’s brushing time and as usual, Achu needed some coaxing into drinking her milk first. I told her, she cannot go do brushee brushee if she doesn’t drink milk. She said no to milk and I asked her why, so. Then, she started telling me this story and Abhi filled up the missing pieces. (Or tory as they call it.)

Achu: “Amma, Athu was going to do brushee brushee and then voldemort came and took Athu’s brush. Then..Then…Then..Athu was….”

Abhi: “Athu was crying”.

Achu: “And then Athu was crying… Then troll pushed voldemort. And voldemort gave Athu brush. And then voldemort fell down. “

Abhi: “Troll fell down and Troll started crying.”


Abhi: “Amma, Can you tell me a tory?”

Me: “Can you tell me a story?”

Abhi: “Okay amma. I will tell you a tory. Bug tory. Once a time, there was a bug. Then bug stepped on babu(kid). Then babu touched bug. And babu got fever ishi-ishi(pain). Amma gave fever medicine ..fever went bye-bye”.


Abhi finds some card and shows it to me. “Amma, Your aunty card”. I was wondering what was my aunty card he was trying to hand me (and also offended about the realization that I look like one). It was my identity card. He could only say aunty for identity. (Then I realized, some kids who cannot pronounce identity, say aunty and it has nothing to do with how we look. Right? 🙂 )


“Amma. I need you. You are going away.” (Good observation. I was going away.)

“Amma, I am sad Amma, I don’t know what to do.” (Well, neither do I.).

“Amma I am sad. But I am excited”. (And that too, A perfectly pronounced excited).

“Athu, Lets go Athu. I have nothing to do here”.

“Amma, I don’t have money in my hands. See that?” (Hmm.)


“Nanna, Can I touch the fly?”

Amma: “Nooooooooooooooooooo”.


“Amma, Are you nanna?”

“No, I am Amma.”

“Amma, are you spider?”

“No. I am amma.”

“Amma, are you fan?”

I should have told him I am the Aunty.


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