Halloween Fun

So, who thought after all these years, there could be something fun happening to us for the first time? And I say ‘us’ for me and my long time good friend L; We both shared such joy on the Halloween day, trick or treating with our little ones. It was our first trick or treating and I think, genuinely, it was one of my favorite moments of all time. Not just trick or treating, despite being a difficult day balancing work and kids, I made few personal memorable moments that day.

The Halloween planning actually began about a month before the day. Last year, we didn’t go trick or treating as kids didn’t understand much, plus it was cold, plusΒ they were sick, plus Murali wasn’t here, etc, etc. Also, we made one quick trip to Costco and selected the costumes for kids. This time, I wanted to plan and get costumes that I really wanted. Either ‘Harry and Hermoine’ or ‘Peter pan and Tinker Bell’. So. I started looking in general, not seriously though. Thanks to the crazy work schedule and tensions, I didn’t do a good effort even this time. Thought to get them the costumes I wanted was constantly on my mind, but I didn’t get it done. So, just like last year, we headed to a nearby Halloween store at the last minute and started looking. There weren’t many good available in Abhi and Achu’s sizes. Not to mention they were expensive and cheap looking. Anyway, we had ruled out princess outfits for Achu. We are not into that stuff (for now). We wanted to get matching outfits for kids, plus full outfits for cold evening.

So, tada, we picked up two matching superhero outfits and headed home. Around that time, I told L to join us at home on the day of Halloween for trick or treating. L and D are the only couple in our group with kids in Abhi Achu’s age group. I am literally ruling out everybody else from my circle, not wanting to spend time with them because I don’t want to be with people who don’t understand what parenting is (both tough and highly rewarding). But I am always looking forward to meeting L every weekend. When they were coming back to Seattle, I had so wished they would stay close to us, but they couldn’t. Even now, its not too far, but its the traffic at peak times that can get crazy. Anyway, L didn’t confirm the plan but was positive.

So, two days before Halloween, we started preparing Achu for wearing her costume. Our little madam is at the phase now that she refuses to wear anything special that is not purple. Its not the color she likes, but the word. That’s how the purple fever began. Because, she liked the word. πŸ™‚ She wore the costume once when I bribed her with letting her watch TV. We quickly snapped pictures and I immediately uploaded them onto Facebook, because I wasn’t sure she was going to wear them again (BTW, I didn’t upload them onto fb because I needed to. I don’t have that fever, thankfully. I just wanted to share my little cutie in super girl avatar πŸ™‚ ).

The day of Halloween, I decided to work from home. Plan was to take kids to a Halloween event at one of our office locations. Then, guess what. It rained so much that day. Until Abhi and Achu’s nap time, it poured and poured. When the rain finally stopped, it was kids nap time. Sigh! I almost cancelled the plan when Murali asked me to ditch their sleep for that day and drive them to his office. Innocent me agreed because I didn’t want kids to miss the outing, but not knowing what the next half an hour was going to be.

When all of us were so sure that Achu was going to not wear her costume to the event, Achu, for some reason, got all dressed up nicely and was sitting in the car seat in no time. It was Mr.Abhi who absolutely refused to wear the costume, cried non-stop like hell, kicked his legs, pulled my hair, refused to sit in the car seat, refused to be buckled up etc, etc. You get the idea. (Most of the times, I deserve an award for the patience I exhibit. True. πŸ™‚ ). Somehow, we got him into the car and then it started raining like crazy again. Ahhhh!! (Now that I think about it, I felt good. I didn’t think rain was bothering at all. More on my love for rain, later πŸ™‚ )

We got to Murali’s office and checked-in all of us. Then, came the first set of wonderful moments of my day. Abhi, who was until then acting like a crazy kid, got all cheered up and damn excited. You know for what? Spiders. Yep. Abhi and Achu love spiders (Aww. Who doesn’t like the itsy bitsy spider at that age πŸ™‚ ). Murali’s office was decorated to the maximum extent, with scary skulls, spiders, lighting and so many other wonderful things. And that exactly blew kids minds away. Abhi was so damn excited. He kept on screaming, ‘Everyone… ook (look) at this spider’. He showed us every spider decor there was. If I was a little away from him, he would scream, ‘amma…ook..ammma..ook’, literally run to me in excitement to show me the spiders, before I could walk to him. Achu had such fun too. She was equally excited to see the decorations and she also trick or treated, picking up her first treats. It was just priceless moment for me.


After that, we headed to our office event with kids. Luckily, there was no more rain. Abhi and Achu had fun watching few animals at the petting zoo. We picked up some free pumpkins. Abhi insisted that he throw all the pumpkins into the water fountain. Kids get such crazy ideas. πŸ™‚


We headed up home for some rest before our trick or treating in the evening.

Another nice thing this Halloween day was that it was our first after we moved to our new home. I was expecting loads and loads of kids to drop by and was arguing with Murali that he didn’t get enough candy. I was so excited about kids coming over for trick or treating.

Come evening, kids were all dressed. L called that they are shopping for a costume for little Y and would come to our home as soon as they were done. So, that evening I was patiently waiting for trick or treaters to come and as well, L, D and Y to come. And none of them did. For a long long time. I was kind of feeling so down, especially with L and D driving all that distance just for trick or treating with us. I was thinking it was all a mistake.

Then, it all became good again. The first trick or treaters arrived and I almost jumped in joy. Soon, L, D also arrived with Y and we were planning to head out. Kids were not so excited yet, because they didn’t know what was in store. The moment we were going to step out, some zombie kids show up at the entrance and that freaked Abhi out again. Sigh. He went back to his crazy boy routine, refusing to go trick or treating. We stepped out anyway.

We stopped at our neighbors and picked our first candy πŸ™‚ . We kept going and Abhi, Achu were not co-operating much. Abhi was insisting on going home and Achu refused to walk. I will just skip over those fifteen some minutes and I almost told my dad to take Abhi home. Achu was doing much better. Y was a champ. When Abhi was still crying, I took Achu to one house and after few seconds, I turned around to see Abhi excitedly headingΒ  over to someone’s house. I couldn’t believe it. Just like in the afternoon, his mind changed in like seconds, suddenly. I don’t know what Murali did, but, like he said, being persistent with kids is very important.

Anyway, I totally forgot what happened before that and L and I, took kids to all nearby houses. Kids knocked on the doors, shouted ‘tick or teat’, said ‘Happy Halloween’ and thank you. Sometimes, they were so engrossed in the candy they just picked up, that they forgot to thank. It was so much fun for all us adults to watch kids trick or treat, Seriously,Β  I didn’t want to go home at all. πŸ™‚

It helps to have kids who keep moving. I don’t need to apply any face masking techniques.

After covering a good number of houses, we headed home. We all had dinner. Specials from amma and as well as Thai food. We snapped so many pics of kids. L and I also took pictures acting like the scarer and the scared. πŸ™‚ Such such fun. I am so glad they came by that day. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been that much fun.

Wait. There is more. Look at all the candy we got. Neither Abhi nor Achu nor Y are into candy yet, so we adults got to finish all the candy. On Halloween, kids earn candy and give it to us. And that justifies us parents being slaves of kids all year πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Okay, this has become a long long post already. I just wanted to write everything from our fun fun day. I wish Halloween comes every month πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “Halloween Fun

  1. How many plus πŸ˜› I guess girls fall in love with the word purple soon πŸ˜‰
    they look lovely and the super hero looks indeed handsome πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ will he take me a drive in the sky with his super power πŸ˜€ blush πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I could see you so happy and i am damn sure u become a kiddo that day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ happy to see u very happy and yeah loads more to come on your plate gear up buddy πŸ˜‰

  2. Kids look very cute πŸ™‚ Halloween is always fun when the kids actually understand something and enjoy going trick or treat.

    We had a lot of fun this year and got loads of candy! I think I am eating more candy than the kids πŸ™‚

  3. Just getting down to read all the Halloween posts!! Looks like it was a wonderful first Halloween for all of you; not less because you got all the candy! Wonderful!! πŸ˜€

  4. omg..how did i miss this post! So cute…! Laughing about their love for spiders… Bandar was a reluctant mouse ..she refused to wear her mask and headgear and instead wore her new winter hat..what can you do??

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