Hmm….So where was I? What was I last blogging on? Don’t seem to remember. Where is my list of things to write on? Don’t know. What are Abhi and Achu up to these days? Lots and lots and lots of things. Then, do I know what to write here? Nope. Not a clue.

What is going on, then? Work. That is all. My new responsibilities at work are literally, killing me. I am working late nights. Not a day have I slept before 1 AM. And then I am off to work at 9 again. Even after all the work hours and workload with which my brain is all occupied, I am struggling doing what I am supposed to do. It is like I am trying to make X work on top of Y writing code in Z and then, all of this needs to be done like yesterday. And X and Y are totally totally new to me. Z is not a problem, but it’s just something new to learn and extra time spent on, rather than something I know already. I am thinking it couldn’t get more complicated, but I know It is going to get worse than this in the new few weeks when we hit production. Sigh. I almost cry thinking about those days to come. All the fire-drills, late night fixes to make. What if all my worries come true? 😦

The only good thing is that my parents are here and my mom has literally taken over the kitchen. In the last one month, I didn’t worry about cooking or cleaning. I don’t have to panic about getting up in the morning, cooking and rushing over to work. Mom takes care of all of it, so I can get up a little late in the morning, which I am efficiently using for staying late at nights.

Despite, all the hours I am spending, I am worried about how I am doing. Anyway, I don’t know when this will get better. But, I just hope I don’t fail. That would have pretty bad repercussions.

Abhi and Achu are officially in the terrible two tantrum throwing stage. Its getting tough. But the real problem is I can’t find time or energy or peaceful brain to focus on kids. Yes, I play with them everyday but still I feel guilty for not being their 100%.

I find time, once in a while, or try reward myself or even make myself feel better after a long hard bad day at work by shopping for home decor. That’s THE thing that I look forward to every day (yes, every day). 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pause

  1. Good that your parents are here. Even I am having a tough time at work. Too many responsibilities and it is not helping that even husband is swamped with work. We don’t even get time to sit and talk these days. 😦

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