In Pictures…

Apparently Abhi was hiding. It’s true, right. I cant see him. Where is he? Where is he?


Abhi had his second haircut. We went back to the same place as the first time. Abhi behaved like a golden baby, calmly playing in his little truck. This time he picked the truck he wanted to sit in. Went over all the different types of cars in the toy box.


Achuย refused to wear jacket and I said she cant go to the park without wearing one. She didn’t wear even after that, so I made her stayed home. So, instead of complaining to me, she sat on the couch the whole time entertaining herself reading book and drawing.


We are at the library. Of course, it means that we will spend more time running around than read books here. Look how tired we get from all the reading running.


Again, library time..yayyy..Lets look at all the cars that go around. That’s what library time is for…


So, we outgrew the walker. We don’t use it for walking anymore. (Not that they ever did) But why should that stop us from trying to fall asleep on it?


Hmm.. Brushee Brushee time….Lets play with lots of water, eat the tooth paste and not let the brush anywhere near the teeth. Perfect.



10 thoughts on “In Pictures…

    1. Right… They totally do.

      Well, it took us some time to get her adjusted to it. Once she realized tying her hair is better for her, she started asking us for it. Just let her see the benefits herself.

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