Take It Easy

You know, we see all these comedy TV shows where everyday life is so funny, right! Like there is this bunch of friends where one of the wives cheats on the guy and the whole group laughs and takes it in a funny funny way. Like there is another head of the family who loses his job, but everything is still going the same way. I mean they don’t behave like it’s the end of the world. They can still laugh about other things and go on with their normal lives. I see these shows and wonder why can’t we be like that in real life. I don’t mean that we laugh about everything, but you know, why can’t we laugh about most of the other things and move on. Be happy. Like when my code review goes awful, instead of cribbing about it and getting tensed, why can’t I share a laugh about it with someone? ( And then a bunch of people laugh in the background as it happens on the TV show). (Seriously I want to do this at least once, imagining all those laughs 🙂 )

Oh! Don’t start thinking now that I am going to go implement this in my life. Maybe I would try, but I would give up almost immediately. Well, because I live with someone who instead of taking serious things lightly, takes even light things seriously. So there is no chance or hope of my plans surviving that attitude. Few years ago, when we learnt that I didn’t get my work visa for that year, we were so devastated. Like life has really ended. Few days later, I talk to my best friend A and he says, ‘So, WHAT? You are newly married. Go enjoy your life for now’. After that phone call, I first realized that what he said was like a zillion% true and then I wondered when did I change to think like that. I don’t have to mention the reason but the last few years has been such thinking, unless I consciously bring myself back into the positive mode.

Okay. I am just blabbering now. The point of my post was what was good before. The incident below. It might sound silly to you, but its one of my memorable moments of what my parents taught me and what I want to teach Abhi and Achu.

So, when I was doing my bachelor’s degree, we lived in this place where they said, there were only two seasons in a year – Summer and Hot Summer. (This also happens to be the most awesome phase of my life when I spent lovely lovely time with Vaks 🙂 ). And the hot summer days meant plenty of ice cream. Those days, some famous ice cream company sold ice cream in paper boxes. Something of a brick shape. Box was just paper but what really mattered was the ice cream. Delicious as ever. And I got one of these for a special treat. This one was special because my dad didn’t buy it. I did; Out of my allowance. I think we got home late at night, my mom probably asked me to open it the next day and I agreed reluctantly. Next day, I went to college as usual. In the evening, I came home when my mom was talking about how our fridge has started to leak water again and how she had to cleanup a whole lot of mess in the morning that day. I discarded all that talk and went straight to the fridge to enjoy my ice cream treat that I was waiting for the whole day. And to find what? An empty and wet ice cream box. No ice cream in it what-so-ever. The whole freezer section was covered in water. I let out a shriek and my mom and dad came by to see what happened. We all stared at the empty ice-cream box, water in the freezer. Then was it that my mom and dad started laughing. Non-stop.

Guess what happened, the night before when we packed the ice-cream safely in the freezer and went to bed, we lost power. The whole night. And we just forgot all about the ice-cream melting in the fridge that was turned off and the hot-summer temperature. By morning, the box melted completely; Which is also the water my mom saw in the morning. No one had realized that until I opened the freezer in the evening. Ice-cream was all gone. The box was absolutely empty.

Once my parents solved the mystery, they explained it to me. Not that I couldn’t figure it out myself, but I hadn’t yet recovered from the shock of seeing my delicious treat all gone. The next few moments and even days were all laughter about what happened. About how we totally forgot about the ice cream when we lost power. About how shocked I was to see all the ice cream gone.  You know what the most important point was? I didn’t feel bad for a moment about missing my treat (which obviously was very important to me). I didn’t curse my fate. I didn’t regret the choices I made. All because I was directed towards laughing about the whole incident. Directed by my parents. What would have happened if they reacted bad? What if they didn’t laugh and took that thing seriously and started saying bad things. I would have done the same. They didn’t. So, I didn’t. Having ice-cream gone is not as serious as something that can happen in adult life, but remember, when we were young, these things were all that mattered? This was something that was serious to me, but still I had the fortune to take it lightly. Not just this. I am sure there are many more like this.

It’s been more than 10 years this incident happened, and I remember it so very often. Each time, I take something seriously. Each time, I see someone take even small things seriously. I wish I could somehow get this thing imprinted on our brain or something, that life is not to be taken seriously. Everything can be funny. At the least, most of it. No matter what, we can still laugh most of the days. And we should. Ahh. I can only dream and hope.


Baby Chat

So, I wondered last week, why my onenote (where I store the funny sentences/words Abhi and Achu say) didn’t have anything new added in the recent weeks. Then I realized, primary reason was work that’s driving me crazy day and night; Secondly there is just so much more of baby talk that’s happening these days that I cant write it down. Its non-stop. And I am loving it. 🙂  But, I have to try write anyway. Write what I can.


Achu is upset because I asked her to wear jacket and she didn’t want to. I cancelled her trip and she stayed home. But, instead of coming to me and complain, she sits on the couch, brings herself a bunny book and starts reading.

(Seetha is a character from a story they watch)

“Seetha….Achu is not wearing jacket. Okay. Seetha?. Then Mummy bunny came. Bunny was singing a song…. Old macDonald had a farm..then..This old man, he gave five…. And then bunny was far away. Then, bunny was upside down.  One day, Caiioou…bunny was singing a song…then suddenly sat…”

She ended the whole story with a “HUH”. Not sure what that was for. 🙂


In the middle of the yet another (already 😦 ) cold/cough/fever week, Abhi wants to go do “Masti..Masti…”. However, he lacks the energy. So he asks me, “Amma, Can you hold me, go there and do masti..masti…? “. There is ‘Tv room’.


Abhi wakes up in the morning and tells me ‘Good Morning’ a dozen times. Then, he asks.

Abhi: ‘How do you do amma?’.

Me: “I have headache Abhi”. (They successfully passed on the cold to me, this time).

Abhi: ”How do you know that amma?”

I laugh out loud. Then, he tells me, “Amma, nont laugh amma…”.

I know the word headache entered his dictionary now and I have to wait and see when he will use it again.


When Abhi and Achu were in crib, trying to sleep. Abhi vomited. Then, Achu goes on a questioning spree. I cant forget the tone and voice in which she asked all these questions. It was the cutest. Just like how adults will talk.

“Did Abhi vomit, amma?”

“Did Abhi vomit a lot, amma?”

“Is he all wet, amma?”

“Amma, Does Abhi have fever, amma?”

“Amma, Abhi is naughty-boy amma”. (Being naughty means they are not wearing pants.)

She surely did cheer me up with all those cute sounding questions when Murali and I were cleaning up Abhi at that time. 🙂


“Pianka…There is spider on your dress”. Achu finds the perfect line to tell our nanny right after she wakes up from her nap. Good thing our nanny isn’t scared of spiders in real. Otherwise, I would be looking for a new nanny now. 🙂


Abhi just woke up from his sleep and the first thing he said is “Enimidi Tommidi Padi” (8,9,10 in Telugu). I am not sure what that countdown was for. 🙂 Then, he proceeds onto telling me, ‘Amma, no touchey power plug. Fire will come’. I silently thank God for Abhi has finally realized that touching power sockets is dangerous and put him down from his crib. Abhi runs straight to corner to the touch the socket. Sigh.


Achu was sitting on the couch and telling our nanny something. Suddenly Achu asks, ‘Pianka..What are you doing?’. Nanny replies, ‘I am listening to you Achu’. Achu then continues to talk and after a while asks our nanny, “Pianka…Are you still listening to Achu?”.


Movie Night

So, one of the last Saturdays, as usual Abhi and Achu drove us enough crazy about staying indoors all day. They love outdoors now (of course, who doesn’t?). Its getting very difficult to keep them entertained at home. They are doing fine now, but I see its getting tough. And winter months are coming soon and Abhi, Achu’s intentions of staying home are getting weaker by day. Sigh. We will see when we get there. Anyway, that evening,  we stepped out of the house to take them to the library and then the park. Library happens to be one of favorite places for Abhi and Achu. They do sit with us once in a while and read books, but their main intentions are to takes out as many books as possible, put them on the table, and ask me very politely, “Amma, can you read this book for Achu/Abhi” and before I can say yes, run away. Other thing is to run around, spot the red bus, cop car and other non-book things around. You can see why they like going to the library now. I have been successful so far in keeping them confined to the children’s section in the library. But I cant say the same for the next few visits, I am guessing. Once, Achu ran so fast (excited to open the doors herself by pressing the button) that before I could get her,  she was already out the door. I just couldn’t believe that my little girl can run that fast. (Scares me, you know).

Anyway, after they did what they always do in the library, we walked them out to go see the ducks on the trail. This trial is next to the old place we lived. We miss the surroundings so much. This was our go to place for a walk outside. There is a small water place in here, Abhi and Achu love splashing water. Each time I come here, I wish I had a new set of clothes for kids , because they get almost wet. Again, we dragged them out to go see the ducks because we don’t want them to get anymore wet.

Finally when we reached the ducks. This time, we walked down all the way up to the water. Little ducks come expecting food from visitors, but they were disappointed this time. While Abhi tried to throw stones in the water, Achu pointed me to every duck around and told me, ‘Amma, duck amma.’ She just wants to be thorough, you know. 🙂 Abhi and Achu played longer than normal here. Abhi and I even stepped into the cold water. Abhi just proves that he is a water baby every time. Water was really cold, but that didn’t stop him. He took my hand and stood in the cold water and didn’t complain a bit. Achu, of course, didn’t want to get dirty or wet. But she was tempted. She tried a bit, but walked away.

Wait, what was the title of the post? Movie Night. Right. Getting there. So when we were walking around, we noticed people were assembling with chairs and food in the open space. As we spent our time running around, watching ducks etc, we saw more number of people join in. Turns out it was the summer outdoor  movie night. Last one, that too. I always wanted to watch one, but it never happened. Especially with kids. This time also, it was just a wish. I didn’t think we could stay. It was getting cold and Abhi, Achu were not appropriately dressed, and add to that, they were also wet.

But, but, guess what. How many time does this happen that when you need some clothes, you find them right there in the trunk of your car? Really? It happened to us. We had Abhi and Achu’s baby clothes and some old stuff bagged in the car trunk to be donated somewhere. Just that, we didn’t get to the donation part yet, so, tada, extra clothes and jackets for Abhi and Achu. Even jackets for us. Two comforters. What else could you ask for? Hmm. Food. Right. Food. After we sifted through the bag to find all of above and I changed kids into dry clothes, Murali ordered pizza 🙂 .

While we waited for pizza to get ready, I started preparing Abhi and Achu to not scream or run away. I told them we will also eat pizza. They already had their dinner, so instead of milk, they would get to eat pizza. Seriously, who doesn’t love that. 🙂 After I told them enough times, Achu somehow sensed something different was happening and she kept repeating back to me, “We will eat pizza. We shouldn’t shout. okay? No running. Okay?”. So cute my little baby 🙂 . We picked up pizza and reached the movie place, it was full, but we found some decent place. We covered Abhi and Achu with their baby jackets (which, they can still fit into. Sigh.) and extra comforters. Luckily, Abhi and Achu obliged and didn’t cause any problem. We all ate pizza. I have to say having food made the event even better. Abhi and Achu ate pizza first time. Abhi was all smiles eating pizza. He told everyone next week that he ate pizza. 🙂

Finally, movie began. It was Frozen. Even better. Abhi and Achu were staring at the screen and looking around. Achu was lying down in my lap and watching while Abhi was super cozy sitting in Murali’s lap. He was really all smiles. They were happy and having fun. Murali was saying, ‘Is this a moment or what?’ and it surely was a memorable moment. Our first outdoors movie experience. We watched movie for about an hour and we had to head back because it was getting cold. Achu said she didn’t want to go but Abhi wanted to go home. Even though it was late, they didn’t sleep until we got in the car. We got home, put them in their cribs and they slept happily.

Through out this time, I was thinking something was going to go wrong. But it didn’t. (Well, may be a bit. Cold and fever. But that’s okay.) Our first outdoors movie night, that too an unplanned one went really good. More loved it because things fell into right place like this. 🙂