Last Friday, we had some team event in the afternoon. Miles away, in the mountains, we were having a picnic. Sounded like fun. But, for the last few years, I have been the least excited about going to these. Because I don’t have good company (Also goes with my issue of not making any new friends at work in a long time). Anyway, I had to go to this one. Only I didn’t.  I decided to skip it. Friday morning, I had my regular chat with Vaks. She urged me to go and when I told her what my alternate plan was, she said she was okay with the alternate plan. I had been thinking about this all week, but, you know, Vaks finally telling me that I don’t have to go made me happy. It was like its decided now. No more wavering 🙂 (That’s why you need good friends. They make the call and make you super happy even if it was a wrong choice. 🙂 ).

So, that afternoon, instead of  making it to the team event, I decided to go meet a friend who was in town, visit the parlor, of course, do some home décor shopping (one thing I want to do everyday 🙂 ) and then watch a movie with Murali. After our morning meetings, I came back to my desk and kept feeling bad about how I am working blah blah. All my worries. Only this time, I decided to do something. All that I had to do then was write some documentation. So I decided to give it a start and do something. Naturally, I cancelled some of my plans and worked until late afternoon to finish the documentation. What I have done was nothing great, nothing mentionable or important, but it at least was something I did. That’s it. Nothing more that. (I cant believe I am being happy about what I have done. This small. Sigh!).

Anyway, I booked our tickets for a movie at the theatre for the afternoon. Now, Mr. Murali gave me some reasons to smile. When I was making the reservations, I was going to do that at the expensive theatre (the one where they serve food too) and with all our recent expenses, I wasn’t sure if I should. I pinged and asked him and Murali said, ‘Absolutely’. For some reason, I thought he wouldn’t be in favor of it so I was very pleasantly surprised. I smiled more when he said he wanted us to have a good time and that’s it. 🙂 I made the reservations and skipped lunch, planning to eat happily while watching the movie. I planned to shop a bit before heading to the theatre, but I was late talking to my team about the work. So I cancelled the shopping trip and leisurely headed to the theatre. I got the tickets and then Murali joined (separate cars, right. I still cant get used to it that we drive to and away from the same place in two cars. We need to coordinate better).

More fun in the theatre. We were watching Guardians of the Galaxy. A kind of movie I love. Sci-fi, fiction, aliens etc etc. Add to that, movie was really funny. We laughed a lot. We ended up ordering more food again and yes, we emptied all of it. Forget all the diet checks, I ate all those tater tots and emptied a bag of popcorn, and then coke 🙂 . I realize its not the food I like, but the experience of eating food while watching movie in a nice theatre. Last time we did this, I loved it too. We headed home after the movie as we were running late for another event.

Sushma had called me in the morning to invite us to a Pooja at her home. Its the Sravana masam and all the holy Fridays and Poojas going on. We don’t have the concept of this vratam at home, so I didn’t do anything special (not that I would have otherwise). But I like just offering my prayers when I can. For the last two Fridays, I was also invited to the Pooja at other friends houses, but I skipped. My answer to their invite was no even before they invited me. The reason being that I hate being around people who judge; who think we have sucking lifestyle and that kids make us exhausted 24*7. Especially the judging thing. Once I go to their place, it will be all about how lavish their Pooja was , what they wear, what they cooked, and how I didn’t do any of that. How I am not wearing MangalSutra.. blah blah blah. That’s why my solution is avoid those people. With Sushma, I had no such issues. So Murali and I went home, got the kids ready and headed to their place for a very nice chat and Pooja. Achu, as usual was acting like a innocent girl. Abhi had fun exploring the new toys. We got home around kids sleep time.

One thing I am trying and failing is trying to stick to a routine. With kids, when we promise to go somewhere we are always getting late. Just like going to Sushma’s home that day, we arrived on time, but Achu ran around so much taking so  much time to wear her dress. By the time we were ready and sitting in the car seat, Abhi had pooped. So, I had to go change him and we were more delayed. I know with kids its tough, but I think we should start try get back into the schedule we can. Sticking onto time is one thing we should teach kids.

So, I spent the rest of my night, watching TV. It may sound like just a normal day, but it was much better than that. I know because, when I went home after the movie and after we came back from the Pooja, I was very relaxed and energized. Not feeling exhausted at all. That’s kind of thing that I love these days. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Friday

  1. I commented on this post from my phone, but looks like it did not work. I should watch Guardians of the galaxy. Have been hearing lot of good reviews. Looks like you had loads of fun after a long time Dil. 🙂

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