Caught You

After we moved to our new home, our one car sharing setup wasn’t working any more. Murali works from like 6 to 6. I can only leave home between 9-10 in the morning. Back in the apartment, he used to take bus in the morning and we would carpool together on our way back home. This setup was working well (for me), so we kept postponing getting a second car. After moving to our new home, Murali couldn’t take the bus that early in the morning and so, he looked and looked and bought a new car. I told Murali we should name our two cars. He hasn’t responded yet, so I went and picked “Babli and Dabli”. (“Pintoo and Chintoo”  (Only when spelled with oo ) was another option). Here, presenting Dabli. (If Dabli means something bad in your language, let me know. I will still keep it. But it will give me a chance to tease Murali about his car)

I get Babli, the BMW. Babli and I travel to work and back,  music all loaded, volume to the max, and all by ourselves now. No other company allowed.


So, yesterday evening, before heading home Murali agreed to eat chat with (It’s a big deal he making time, let me tell you). So unlike earlier times, we both took our cars, reached the chat place. After we were done there, I mentioned I wanted to go do some decor shopping. Murali joined. We both drove to the store in his car and by the time we came back to chat place to pickup my car, it was getting late. We had to reach home in 30 minutes for nanny to leave. So, here is where the fun began. I asked Murali since there would be traffic, should I call nanny and tell her that we are going to be a little late. His answer, and I quote, “No. No. I  will reach before then”. Strongly emphasizing on I. You know what that means right! That he can go and not me. Hmm. Challenge accepted.

Murali took off, leaving me at my car. When I was reversing my car, some stupid uncle was waiting very close with his car (for the parking spot) and I had to go the opposite way, drive around the parking lot and get on the road. I crossed two intersections, took the freeway, made all the way to the left most speed lane and kept driving, looking for Murali. Few more minutes into the drive, what do I see? Aha! A Prius car. Same color as ours in front of me.  Ooh! I started laughing. I haven’t noticed what our registration plate was yet, so I couldn’t confirm. (Honestly, I was first thinking who is this slowing me down 🙂 ). I kept laughing and looking for signs and I finally see Murali in the side mirror, looking at me, also laughing. Haha! Victory moment. I beat him. How dare he says he can reach early. More than that, how dare he thinks I can’t reach early. Right! I was laughing out loud, sitting alone in the car. Whoever saw me would have thought that I went mad. Murali rolled down the windows and waved. So did I. I had such a lovely time laughing. Rest of the trip home, I stalked Murali, singing aloud in the car and laughing more. It was my best drive so far. (It was true, btw. He did slow me down. He was driving slowly and carefully because it’s the new car).

Don’t forget to notice my awesome photo editing skills.

We made it home, on time. I went home to my usual smiles from Abhi and Achu and asked Abhi to tell Murali that, ‘Nanna, Amma beat you in car race’. Abhi repeated something like that. 🙂


Murali installed Windows 8.1 update on his phone yesterday and since then, he has been torturing Cortana with stupid questions. Like, ‘Can you sing hush little baby?’, ‘Can you give me the recipe for gulab jamoon?’ and etc. Finally, end of the day, he did one useful thing to do, asking Cortana to remind him of washer/dryer loading in the morning at 6:15.

And today morning, even before it was 6:15, I hear the dryer running downstairs. Murali probably woke up earlier than he set the reminder and took care of the dryer. My point is, Murali beat Cortana and I beat Murali, so we can safely conclude that I beat Cortana too. Right!



6 thoughts on “Caught You

  1. lol 😀 😀 😀 you guys are too way cute 🙂 🙂 I enjoyed the drive through this post though 😉 welcome and big hugs for the new addition in the family 😀 😀 😀 be very safe and keep smiling 😀 😀 😀 your photo edition skill desreve a biggu now 🙂 🙂 enta supera chesunnavu editing 😀 😀 😀 😀

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