My Little Two-Year-Olds Birthday

 Abhi and Achu turned two last Thursday. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I cannot believe it’s been two years already. If you ask me what we have done in the last two years, I have to say we had just normal days, but we made so many memorable memories. I was thinking this morning that with kids how life is all about little moments of happiness. There are no big vacations or trips or promotions to matter anymore.

All of our friends expected us to throw a birthday party for Abhi and Achu. But I had different ideas. I wanted the day to be about them rather than us running around to get the birthday planning done and see Abhi/Achu cry in the party. I will write about the alternate plans later when I finish what we had planned on.

The night before, I made Gulab Jamoon for kids. Wished Abhi and Achu deep asleep in their cribs at midnight. They have no idea about the special day, right! 🙂

Little decoration. This room was actually supposed to be our family room. But we converted it to play room for kids. (I am working on it being so empty part)
Sleepy Abhi at midnight.
Sleepy Achu at midnight. With all that hair, sometimes I have to carefully look to see where her face is.

Murali and I took the day off and we also gave our nanny a day off so that we can spend time together on the birthday. We bought kids three gifts and some balloons. Abhi and Achu love balloons. In the morning when kids woke up, Abhi and Achu came downstairs and I remember the expression on Achu’s face. She was going to go touch the TV, but spotted the balloons in the play room and ran straight to see them. 🙂 “So many balloons”. She likes to say. 🙂 For few minutes they didn’t even see the new toys.

Abhi and Achu got a cute train set, two trucks and world map puzzle for gifts from us. (Not showing interest in the trucks for some reason; Nanny’s kid is playing with the toy set more than Abhi,Achu; And Abhi wants to eat the world map. 🙂 ) Toy train set is the cutest. In the morning, I started assembling and playing with it, you know. We gave Abhi and Achu bath and left for Temple. Achu wore a Chudidar set and Abhi, a kurtha and jeans. I got both the sets from India last year. They looked adorable (of course, it’s the mom talking 🙂 ). Achu, kindly allowed me to put the bangles on. Three bindis I put disappeared almost immediately (I am sure they landed in Abhi’s mouth). I usually pack the bindi packet on days like this when we go out. It comes in handy.

It was a short visit at the temple, with Ms. Achu refusing to stay indoors. When we take them to new places, Abhi likes to explore while Achu hates it until she gets comfortable and knows she doesn’t have a choice. So, she just sat in my lap and did nothing. Abhi roamed around a bit.

Our plan, next was to head to WiggleWorks, a play place for kids. Guess what, when we reached there, we were told there was an hour wait time, at least. Sigh. It was not worth waiting there anyway, so Murali found this farm and we headed there.

It was called Kelsey Creek farm with barnyards for different animals. Despite being a cloudy day ( and me forgetting to pack jackets) we roamed around for a good hour. Abhi and Achu had fun watching the animals and more than that, just running around in the new place. They spotted goats, cow, horses, pigs etc. Its funny how we think pigs in India are disgusting, but here, I was showing Abhi and Achu to see pigs. 🙂 For some time, Abhi and Achu ran around like there was no tomorrow. We did a bit of nature walk. Later, Abhi apparently touched a bunny and scared it while Achu insisted that instead of seeing the animals, she wants to push the stroller. You know, these days I have no need for any face masking software. I don’t have a single good shot of the kids capturing their faces. (Because of all the running around).

Achu was very kind to say that she will feed cows, macaroni mammu and rasam mammu.
Abhi does this run something like horsey run. And for some reason, he did horsey run through out the farm.
Look at that amma … Horsie…

I had big plans to feed them lunch at a restaurant (They never ate a full meal out yet), but I fed some boxed food in the car since they were hungry. So, at the restaurant Abhi eats something and then vomits the good food I fed him. Hmm. Birthday or not, vomiting has to be there. (You know sometimes he stuffs his fingers in his mouth and vomits EVERYTHING out. Imagine how frustrating it must be for us. 😦 )

Anyway, we got home for their naps. Evening some of our close friends came home to wish Abhi and Achu. Nanny and her family, P with her husband, A’s family and of course on Murali’s special invitation, HIS friends, U and K (They were my friends and he stole them). My friend L got a pattu langa for Achu and Kurta for Abhi when she was coming from India. AA wore those dresses for the party. They got some cute gifts too. (Hahhh.. It’s so good to be kids, we all agree, right!)

Abhi and Achu went to sleep pretty late that night. Hey, its their birthday right. They get to stay up late and have as much fun as they can. 🙂


14 thoughts on “My Little Two-Year-Olds Birthday

  1. Awww happy happy birthday abhi Achu darlings.. I loved the living room turned kids room and their pics in the indian wear is lovely.. Lol on the bindi in abhi’s mouth 😄

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Abhi and Achu !!!
    I must say a day well spent and the pics are adorable like always .
    Looks like you forgot to mention the alternate plans 😛

  3. Ohh..Before i know it your kids are all grown up DOR ! Happy Happy Birthday to them ! Aww…they look so cute re. GOD Bless ! My heart swells with pride to see the little toddlers in Chudi and kurta suits
    Congratulations to Murali and you ! You both must be one proud mom and dad 🙂

  4. How did i miss the shout out 🙂 they look so so adorable 🙂 kisshy mushhy to them from me and H 🙂 🙂 🙂 the dress s so so cute 🙂 u have a very good taste 🙂 🙂 I could see a lot of gap in abhi crib.. where in achu crib omg.. she sleeps like me….. 😀 😀 😀 one happy family 🙂 🙂

    I loved and happy that u liked the idea of turning the room into play area 🙂 🙂 🙂 once again a big big wishes to the lil one and its a day wisely spent 🙂 now click me a photo of pattu lehanga and send us 🙂 we are waitingu 🙂

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