So, gone are the single word or sentences Abhi and Achu say. Now, its time for conversations. Not that all these conversations make sense. But, questions are asked; questions are answered; Most of the sentences we say or repeated. In funny funny ways.


Achu is in crib, talking to the owl on the crib bumper.

“Owl, I am not biting you. Right. I am running. Fighting. Okay?”


We are on stroller walk when we spot the moon.

Abhi: “Half moon”

Achu: “Kissent moon” (Crescent moon).

Murali: “What happened to the rest of the moon?”

Abhi: “It fell down”

Later, Achu looked at the moon and said, ‘Eat it’. She also said she would just swallow it and it taste yummy. If you don’t know the see the moon tonight, you know what happened.


Abhi, Achu and I are playing with animal toys. Abhi takes out every animal and asks me, “What is this?”. Even though he knows what it is. I act like I am thinking and give him the name. Next time, he repeats the same answer. Picks up an animal. “What is this? Emmesee..Emmeseee. I think its tiger” (Let me see).


Abhi and Achu are big fans of timeout. Unlike other kids, they want to be timeout. True. They think they get to see the exotic closet when they are in timeout (until they realize they are alone in there). I did time-outs like few times until they got the real idea. We don’t do them anymore since just the word timeout is enough for them to understand that they are doing something wrong. Nevertheless, they dictate each other to go to timeout, very often. Achu does something wrong. Abhi tells her, ‘No Achu, go to timeout’. Achu says no and stops doing whatever she was doing (that was the best case scenario btw, half the times, they ignore each other).

Now, Abhi finds the cow toy and throws it in the bedroom, closes door and says ‘Cow, go to timeout’. I laugh and explain, cow didn’t do anything wrong and doesn’t deserveΒ  a timeout. Abhi opens the door and talks to cow like we talk to him. “Good morning cow. Did you just wake up?” (See, he just exhibited a multiple personality in there πŸ™‚ )


Abhi tries to bite me and stops. He knows he shouldn’t. Looks at me and repeats the whole conversation we would have had, hadΒ he bit me.

“No biting Amma. Okay? Go to timeout? No. Then, No biting Amma. Okay? Okay”. (I tell him he shouldn’t bite and he would go to timeout if he did.)


Abhi really wants to insist that I don’t go anywhere. That is why he always tell me, “Nont go amma”, instead of ‘Don’t go’. Makes sense. Doesn’t it?


Few days ago, Abhi learnt how to use the word ‘And’. Now the word pops up in all the sentences and he uses it correctly too. “Where is Nanna and Achu?”, “Bear and Haathi are sheeping” (sleeping) (LOL. Bear, Haathi are sheeping). Achu picked it up too. One night I was putting her to bed. Achu has this habit of holding few selected round things when going to sleep. Like a small ball. Now, when I put her in crib, she tells me, “Achu wants potatohead amma”. “Achu wants Yoyo amma”. “Achu wants potatohead and yoyo amma”. “Achu wants potatohead and yoyo and spider and corn amma”. All in one big sentence. πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Talk…Talk…Talk

  1. lol on the rest other moon fell down πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ they are growing pretty faster πŸ™‚ they gonna get chatterbox title too soon πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ cherish this time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love to the lil ones

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