The First Week

So, its been about a week that we moved in. Like I mentioned, we didn’t settle down the way I had hoped. I took off work all of last week and had hoped I would get the settling in stuff, furniture shopping and decorations done by end of the week. Yes. I was a stupid to assume that. Abhi and Achu literally drove me crazy with their non-stop crying. Well, this is not the first time this happened. But, I had such high hopes to see my new home all set, so I was majorly disappointed and annoyed at their crying. Never mind all that now. I realized I cant have what I wanted and moved on. So, talking about what I liked in the first week,

♥ We bought a dining table this time for our new home and attached Abhi, Achu’s booster seats to the table chairs (That’s how they were supposed to be from the start). So, this was the first time Abhi and Achu were sitting at the dining table and eating. They settled in comfortably, facing each other at the table, while nanny or I sat in between to feed them. During lunch, they sang ABCD EFG song in complete chorus, looking and smiling at each other, while I watched them from the kitchen, all amazed, trying to lock the moment and the smile in my mind forever.

♥ Murali has been demanding non-stop that they add signs at every street turn that say ‘this way to Murali’s home’. If this was something at the entrance, I would have considered, but at every street turn leading to our home? Sigh. I imagine really adding something like that one day and surprising him. 🙂

♥ Speaking of Murali’s demands, another demand is now that we Murali moved to this community, the city add an extra road lane to reduce the traffic. Really. An extra lane from his office to our home. Maybe, the city can keep this just for him. Hey, that will also make adding ‘Murali’s home’ sign at every street easier.

♥ Murali and Pama figured out how the pipes work (two geniuses really. They just turned the knobs) and watered the backyard (which is quickly becoming my favorite place). It was a wonderful sight to see them water. Yayy! I have a beautiful backyard. 🙂 (and think about this. I have never been a garden person). I really cant wait for my mom and dad to come and see the backyard. They will just LOVE it. I think my dad will stay there all day and night. 🙂

♥ We have done what we always wanted to do. Moved Abhi and Achu’s crib into the same room. Our room, for now. This means that kids and us wake up many more times than earlier, but we are doing this. For few nights, Abhi and Achu even slept on the same bed. Achu’s sole objective that time was to find Abhi, put her legs/hands on him and disturb him.

♥ What happened on the moving day while inspecting window blinds will go unmentioned.

♥ Abhi and Achu have learned two new words now. Uptairs and Downtairs. Of course, the two words are continuously looped around. ‘Abhi wants to go uptairs’. ‘Abhi wants to go downtairs’.

♥ Abhi and Achu visited what would be their first school. Umm. That would be 3 years from now. 🙂 You know, some 5 years ago, Murali and I were in CA and visited P who was here, we came to this area; Particularly this school. We even hiked around this place. We had no idea then that this is where our future home would be. 🙂

♥ Dining table is still standing strong. So, someone did a good job assembling it.


♥ Ex-residents of the home left a bunny seat around and Abhi, Achu liked it instantly. Here is Achu hugging the bunny, calling it ‘cutie cutie bunny’.


♥ Of course, Sunday morning means, kids have to wake up early. Abhi and Achu woke up at 7 in the morning and ran straight towards the door. Oh! There is that big world and a new home to be conquered, right!



15 thoughts on “The First Week

  1. congrajulations ppl 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 hope to see the home soon with everything up and set to make memories 🙂 🙂 all the very besht and happy for u guys 🙂 🙂

  2. Even I like that idea ..I want to sreal the idea now signs made this way to bik house.. let me send a email to the council here.. he he he

    Well life is funny we visit a place and never thing sometimes..we will have a home there and what happens down the line a few year.. voila you move there..

    Backyad good kids can run around shud have taken some pics

    All the best with everything take care..

  3. Did you guys buy a house in CA? (You said you liked this place when you visited CA). Congrats for the new house Dil. Can totally understand how stressful moving houses can be. Things will fall in place slowly. Achu looks so cute with that bunny 🙂 I can sense your happiness from the post 🙂

  4. Aah setting up a house takes a really long time and with kids in toe, even longer 🙂

    Hope things settle down for you soon. Abhi and Achu will get the lay of the land soon and then they will rule 😀

    Congratulations once again, build a lot of happy memories and write about them too 🙂

  5. Well I too had similar expectations in the first few weeks after we moved in. Well the reality is it takes time. Slow down and enjoy each day , no need to do everything in first week/month . The list is never ending and with kids it is going to take time. Congratulations once again, wishing you lots of good memories !

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