Home Owners

So, on the 26th of June, Murali and I stepped out from work in the evening and bought Abhi, Achu a car each and the tiny little key to our new home. What a wondrous thing! Abhi and Achu turned both car owners and home owners in the same day.


The next day, we picked a time that’s good for us to do the house entering ceremony. Stars were not aligning properly to give us a best auspicious time to enter the house. So, we picked one and let Abhi and Achu set foot in the house first. Problem solved. πŸ™‚

Then came the moving phase. I don’t have a moving day to write about, because I have ‘moving days’ and ‘moving night’. Okay. Not that we had so much stuff to do, but it just worked out that way.

Anyway, its been a week we moved in, trying to settle in has been hard, especially with two kids continuously crying, ‘Amma, come here’, ‘Amma, come here’. You have no idea how much demand I am in right now. I got little things done here and there, but have so much more to do to setup my home. I have been waiting for this for so long now, so, I am going to take my time and get it done the way I want (I hope so).

And work, home and kids have been eating all my energy and time and I am postponing writing a lot. I need a push or the one thingΒ I have always been asking for – Thoughts to Post Converter.


11 thoughts on “Home Owners

  1. Heariest congratulations on buying the house converting into a home. .

    I know the pain in moving I did it myself thrice now. . But its worth it once youbget settled. .
    And as you say slow and steady ..take your time no rush is there to set everything right. .

    All the best

    Lots of love to the little ones god bless

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