What Else? Baby Talk

♦ Abhi takes something away from Achu. Achu is so upset. God knows what all she wanted to say in protest of that. But she is still a baby and doesn’t know all the words she can to express how much she was upset, right? So what does she do? She hears me singing at that time, “Nani teri morni ko mor legaye”, starts crying, pointing to Abhi taking that thing away from her, screaming, “Mor legaye… Mor legaye… Mor legaye..”.

♦ This time she is the culprit. And she knows it. She dumps a bowl of cereal on couch, looks at it and says, ‘What did you do on couch?’

♦ One time we caught her, out in the patio and another time on the couch, with a really serious face like she was thinking about something. So, we ask, “What are you thinking about, Achu?”. She responds, “Coffee”.

♦ Another time, she decides she needs a break. Says, “Two Mineets. I am coming”. Walks to end of the room and comes back (She is so fast, right?).

♦ Now, its Abhi’s turn to go away. “Bye Bye”, he happily announces, walking away with walker or toy suitcase or some other toy. “Where are you going, Abhi?”, we ask. “Office”. Next day, Achu says she is also going to office. Nice. I think we are good with that.

♦ “Abhi, give me, Abhi. Its Mine”. “Achu, no Achu. No touchey Achu”. “Abhi..Abhi..Abhi… Mice Abhi..Mice Abhi” (mine). Never ending screams.

♦ Abhi got hurt. Dummy hurt. Like they get 1000 times a day. Each time Abhi gets hurt, everyone has to see it. And console him. Even Achu. “Achu come here Achu. Abhi got Ishi Ishi on hand”. Next time “On Pant”. Or  “On Leg”. This morning he got Ishi Ishi on toes.

♦ Abhi’s new line is “Abhi is so sad, Amma”, “Abhi needs hug Amma”. We haven’t figured out the source of sadness yet. But he is mostly jumping around the next microsecond after he says he was sad. So, we are fine.

♦ Not just Abhi and Achu, half of our toys are also found in the patio, these days. If I haven’t cleared them by the morning, Abhi asks,”Who put Etephant out there?” (Elephant), “Who put ion out there?” (Lion). Achu, follows with her list of toys she found in the patio and why they were out there. (Answer is, of course, them)

♦  So, they left walker outside yesterday night. This morning, I asked, “What is walker doing outside?”. Abhi replies, “Walking”.

♦ Achu did the worst kind of poopy last time. I mean, cleaning poopy diapers for 23 months, you would assume I have seen it all. But, even I was surprised at what I saw. So I made an ewww face and casually said, ‘Ahh! What is this Achu?’. Achu responds, “Poopy”. Fine. I needed to hear that.

♦ Achu decides to torture P.

P asks, “Is this Achu’s jacket?”

Achu: “Is this Achu’s jacket?”

P: “Yes or No”.

Achu:  “Yes or No”

P laughs, P: “Yes?”

Achu:  “Yes?”

P: “Or no?”

Achu: “Or no?”

P decided to not ask Achu questions anymore. Wise choice.


12 thoughts on “What Else? Baby Talk

  1. Kids .. GOD bless them BOTH .. Lots of Love …

    and that is a wonderful Reply … Offcourse 🙂

    and the Second point he he he he he .. I DID NOT DO IT 🙂

  2. hahaha lol@yes or no. They are so so so cute. Loved this post Dil. I couldn’t stop smiling at the innocent answer -“What is walker doing outside?”. Abhi replies, “Walking” 🙂 🙂

  3. achooo so so cute 🙂 🙂 love ur two butterflies 🙂 I hve a lot of comment to be made on ur blog soon will do it 🙂 🙂

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