Each time someone hears Abhi and Achu talk, they get very surprised at how well Abhi and Achu are conveying what they want, how easily they are framing sentences, etc. I, myself, am super amused EVERY time I hear them say something. 90 percent of the times they speak clearly and I understand what they are saying. (Rest of the times is more funny. Those words are very weird, make no sense and absolutely sound cute. I just cant laugh enough while trying to decode in my brain what they are saying.)

Last week, we were talking about our friend couple L and D. They have a son Y, same age as Abhi and Achu are.  We all went to the UW few weeks ago. While we were talking about L and D, none of us mentioned Y’s name. We were just talking about the parents while Abhi hears L & D’s name and takes Y’s name. I was so amazed. How did he manage to store in his little brain and relate Y to L and D? I still cant believe he said that. Murali and I looked at each other, quite surprised at the association he made.

Murali started teaching Abhi and Achu names of the countries and places. One afternoon, we kept repeating names of different places and Abhi, Achu repeated at least 50% of them perfectly. SouthAffica is my favorite. Czechoslovakia was a popular one. Abhi and Achu tried hard on that and Abhi almost nailed it. We spent fifteen minutes repeating every name we could think of and Abhi, Achu got to all of them with super excitement. I think we covered almost all of the world. Popular places, at least.

Yesterday Achu finishes her milk before Abhi does. She tells me, “Achu’s milk all done. Abhi is drinking milk”. I say, “Okay. Fine”. Then she proceeds onto something sort of turning the bottle around her face saying ‘Tsk Tsk Tsk’. Guess what. Once in a while, just to amuse her, I do the nazar-utaro thing, moving the empty bottle around her face saying tsk tsk tsk. So, she was doing her own ‘nazar utaro’ ceremony as I missed it. She must be very proud of her finishing the bottle first.

We were at the park yesterday, playing ball. This is the first time we got the ball to the park to play, so Abhi and Achu didn’t understand the routine of continuously chasing and kicking the ball yet. I kicked the ball towards Abhi and asked him to kick it. He looks like he pauses for a minute and tells me, “I am forgetting something. Zizzors” (Scissors). I laughed out loud. Amazed again. God knows why he needed scissors then. He must have heard one of us say that and repeated the sentence as is.

This morning Abhi comes to me with a yellow balloon saying, “I got something. Balloon for you Amma”. I couldn’t believe my ears.

Achu and I step out of the living room after her afternoon nap. Abhi was still sleeping in his bedroom. Not remembering that, I started talking to Achu in normal voice and Achu immediately tells me, “Shh. Abhi sheeping” (sleeping). And then I lowered my voice and we both talked hush-hush until Abhi woke up.

I was in all bad and depressed mood today. After we got back from the stroller walk, I was playing with Abhi when he suddenly bit me (he was excited about something). I got serious and told him what I had to. He was upset that I was upset. After few moments, I got normal and gave him a hug, but he was still upset. Achu had already claimed my lap and occupied it (Just to be sure I am not angry on her. She does it all the time to make sure she is not in trouble 😀 ). I asked Abhi what he wants. He comes and occupies the rest of my lap and says, ‘Sing Wheels on the bus’. In one moment all my depressed mood was gone. I just smiled at how adorably he asked me to sing the song for him. Abhi and Achu sat in my lap for few more minutes while I sang various versions of ‘Wheels on the bus’. My one perfect moment in the day.


8 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Kids make our mood better all the time 🙂

    I know it sounds cliche but, enjoy all their talk now. A couple of years later, you’ll be begging them to stay quiet for a few min. 🙂

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