Picture Post

Blame Pinterest. I am so addicted now that I don’t do anything else on my phone. I have been so lazy about writing and I have so many pending posts. 😦 I am forcing myself to do this now.

(Oh God! I see a giant bee buzzing around. After I am done here I will also have to catch it before Abhi, Achu wake up and start chasing it)


Seeing how much Abhi and Achu like jumping  (and also to stop Abhi from jumping in the bathtub), we moved this extra bed into the living room. Bear and Haathi are getting the much needed rest now as the bed is being used for jumping, drinking milk, diaper changing and everything else.


 I don’t know if you can tell from the picture –  Achu unleashed a tsunami of face wipes in her crib. She was supposed to be sleeping this time.  I was turned the other side trying not to respond to her. After a while it got so calm that I thought she slept. When I turned, I saw her sitting in the crib with the wipes box between her legs and every single wipe out of the box. On a side note, I didn’t know the box really had those many wipes. After I was done being surprised at what she had calmly accomplished, Achu and I stuffed the wipes back into the box. But, we can see it wont be useful anymore.


Nanna and Achu resting on the bed and watching Frasier. Achu got up early from her nap (No surprise there. In her world, sleeping is such a waste of time) and joined nanna in watching TV.


Shh! Abhi, Achu drinking milk (In their own words)


Even if it was pouring down a lot, we made it to the cake potluck and the dance show near our house last week. Someone (who is holding the plate you see here) emptied three different pieces of cake and also fed Abhi and Achu Rum cake before I stopped him.


Abhi and Achu helped baked muffins or what they call cupcakes or muffin mammu. They took  turns to whisk the mix, fill the muffin pan and even in adding the toppings. I also wish they helped in cleaning up the pieces of baked muffins thrown all over the living room (from the muffins they were supposed to eat).


Abhi is riding the truck.


Money come out. Money come out. Abhi and Achu trying to work their magic at an ATM.


Achu being a responsible pet owner. She moved browny (all of it, including the thread) from the carpet onto this blanket, sang jojo couple of times and even covered it with her blanket. Browny and I got very emotional seeing that.


Achu wanted to control time. So when I gave her the clock, she stood on it. Time gave up. Achu won (And amma lost another piece of home décor). Abhi broke my other vase last week. I didn’t take a picture this time. What’s the point, right?


Abhi left his bottle on the carpet at that angle. So did Achu.



14 thoughts on “Picture Post

  1. first tell me .. did you get that BEE 🙂

    lovely pics and the last one 🙂 I will do exactly the same as the other one does .. he he he 🙂

    I know the pin , I know the pin and Ohhhhhhhhhh mummy’s card is retained .. oooops

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