More Baby Talk

Abhi and Achu’s new found love is spending time in the patio. Weather is definitely better which means they are not locked in the house as they were before. We put on jackets and etc , sometimes and step out. Abhi tells me, “Amma. Look at that. We are outside”.

Abhi and Achu are at the library. Abhi is with me while Murali is watching Achu. We were walking in different aisles when Achu starts looking for Abhi. And that too with a really worried tone. “Wheres Abhi?”, “Wheres Abhi?”. And when she finally found him, she was all beaming with smiles saying, “Here. Found you Abhi”.

Dragon story is our new go-to story. At first, Achu was a bit scared of the dragon coming. Even though Goldilocks is not bad, Achu was also scared of her (because she will come and eat all our mammu, right!).  In the morning, Goldilocks or dragon topic comes up. Abhi looks at Achu and asks, ‘Ru cared?” (scared)

Abhi or Achu play and play and play and finally declare, “Im tired”.

Abhi or Achu don’t want to be in the crib. Of course, who wants to, right? They ask themselves, “Do you want to come out?”. They also answer themselves, “Yes. Yes. Yes”.

Sitting on the carpet or couch is boring. Oooh! Sitting on the countertops is sooo nice. “Want to sit there?”. We are told or they ask themselves. “Yes. Yes”, is also their answer.

Achu wants something. Of course. No surprise there. “Achu mants it” (wants).

Abhi is done pooping. “Its working”, he tells us.

Achu opens the door (In her defense, it was her turn. Okay?) and tells us, “I opened it”.

Cutting toy veggies is one of their favorites. Achu picks her tray. “This is mine.”. Points to Abhi’s. “This is Abhi’s”.

Abhi found keys. Toy keys. Abhi runs to Achu, “Achu, see this. Its keys”. Achu takes the keys, “Thank you Abhi”.

Its aachi time. Time to go out for a stroller walk. Achu hands Abhi his jacket. Abhi replies, “Thanku Achu”.

Abhi wants amma. “Amma come here”. I am told. Quite clearly.

Achu finds monkey. “This iz monkey”.

We are back from aachi time. Abhi doesnt want to be home. Still wants to go out. “Aachi time, Aachi time”, he screams. “We are home Abhi. Aachi time over”, Achu tells him.

🙂 🙂 🙂 (And these smiles roughly translate to – As far as I remember they are still small and tiny babies in their diapers. When did they learn to say all these things? )



14 thoughts on “More Baby Talk

  1. Seriously! Its Working! 😀
    Baby talk is so cute. I just spent a week with my 2 year old niece and when I think about that week, all those cute words of hers keep coming back to me..I wish kids don’t grow up! 🙂

  2. Oh the adorable stage when they start talking in cute little sentences. Give them each a big hug from my side Dil and a big slurpy kiss 😀

    1. Yes. She missed it. That was the first time Abhi and Away were from each other too. 🙂 But it was good to know they did okay. I wanted to send you a followup email, but didn’t get a chance. 😀
      Will ping you tomorrow.

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