Stoller Walk Evenings

Evenings of sunny days are so nice to have. It seems like we have endless list of things we can do when we don’t have to stay home. Weather is getting better here. We had few warm days in the last few. This week, it’s just been so gorgeous. We love warm days. Abhi and Achu love it more than us. Because they get to go out to their favorite Aachhi time or stroller walk time. I love the place where we live now. Its right next to a beautiful trail. It’s also close to park, grocery store, hospital and library. Also next to the theatre. Most of the times, Murali and I start from home right at the time a show begins in the theatre, we reach theatre in 2 minutes. It’s so convenient. I love having a theatre so close by. If we move out of here sometime, I will surely miss having all these things close by.

But, Abhi and Achu’s favorite part is the trail walk. They get to see ducks everyday. Staying right next to the trail means they get to go for a stroller walk after their afternoon nap. Our nanny takes them. As it got pretty warm this week, after we came home yesterday evening, Murali and I took them again for another walk. It was just a beautiful day. Plus, I am in my summer dresses already. No, it’s not too early. I waited enough 🙂 . So, I love going out for  a walk even more.

By the time I came home yesterday evening, Murali made noodles. And as we decided to step out, we packed noodles in the box to eat along the trail. Yes, when others were trying to burn calories walking, biking or jogging, we were strolling around eating food. It was such a pleasant walk.


When Murali and I were coming home today, we thought of dining out with kids. By the time, I got down the car, my mind changed. My mind changes every 30 seconds and I can’t decide on one thing. 🙂 I thought it would be nice to take kids out for another walk. When we got to home, Murali said that we both will go out and we did that. We roamed around in the little time we had to eat out, we picked a stupid Thai restaurant. Food smelled like meat and I couldn’t eat it. We got home still feeling hungry. I wish I had the hakka noodles Murali made. Anyway, after we got home, it started to get cold, but it was still nice. We packed Abhi and Achu in light jackets and took them for another stroller walk.

In the park, right next to us, some group was practicing for a play. The group looked pretty colorful. We were told, they have a show on Saturday, at the same place where they are practicing. There is also going to some Potluck cake picnic. I can imagine the place looking prettiest with all colorful cakes on that day. The group was rehearsing for their dance performance today; Dressed in pretty clothes and wearing big cake shapes over their head.


Then we headed to the library. One of my favorite places on earth. I love sitting in the library reading. When Murali and I were newly married and I was jobless at the moment, we had this library close to our home. In fact Murali rented that house close to the library for me to pass some time. Everyday after Murali went to work, I used to head to the library with my laptop. I used to read books, surf for a while, even eat my lunch there. Murali used to pick me up from the library on his way home. Having a library close by is the best thing.

Each time I go to the library, with Abhi and Achu, I wish they realize what they have. It’s such a beautiful thing to be in middle of so many books. It’s a great feeling. Imagine someone hasn’t seen any books for a long time and suddenly steps into the library. They would feel so awesome looking around, with wide eyes, a big smile on their face; Like Alice in Wonderland. I wish Abhi and Achu feel that way. I know I do. I wish they could read all the books in there. When we stepped into the children’s section, it broke my heart to see that the few children staying there at the hour are all sitting at the computer desk, playing games or watching animated shows. Parents were surfing on their mobiles. But, I can’t blame the parents. I understand what it feels like to get a break. I just hope I will never get there o that position.

I would love to have Abhi and Achu sit at a table and read books. Even though we have ton of books already at home (I have a long due post on that really) and Abhi, Achu already love books, I would still want them to go to library and read books. I told Murali we should make every Wednesday night, library night, sort of. I had the thought last time too, but I didn’t implement it. This time I will write down so that I will remember. I want Abhi and Achu to know there is so much more they can and should read.

For this trip, however, Abhi and Achu were only interested in staring at other kids and roaming around. I put them on this little table and they read books for few seconds. Even if it’s for few seconds, the picture looked perfect. Abhi and Achu sitting on a table, reading at the library. I can’t get enough of reading books 🙂 .

Then, Abhi told us ‘Poopy coming’ and later when he actually pooped, he told us, ‘It’s working’. I just laughed out loud. We headed home and I was wondering what was working 🙂


11 thoughts on “Stoller Walk Evenings

  1. Abhi and Achu sitting at a table holding books is probably the cutest pic of theirs I have seen. And even I can spend a whole day sitting in library. I did that too for sometime when I was jobless. That trail looks so beautiful Dil.

  2. they look so cute. I love the fountain on top of achu head. . and abi look like a pop singer in the costume. . you have raised them beautifully smiles

  3. This post is picture perfect! The walk, the garden, the books and the two sweethearts reading in a room full of books. What could better :_

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