Sooooo Many

When it is time for us to blow bubbles and when one bubble is blown, it’s only one bubble. But anything more than one bubble, according to Achu is, “Soooo Many Bubbles”.

When Nanna gets balloons for Abhi and Achu, wow, there are just “Soooo many Baoons” too.

When Abhi and Achu don’t want a diaper/dress change or when they are done reading a book or singing a song, it’s  “Allllllll Done”. The only chant from Achu during bath time (which she still hates) is screaming “Allll Done”.

When Achu sees something that’s hers, it’s “Mice Jacket” or “Mice Turn”. Hey! It’s not fair to confuse a baby. I mean, when we say “Achu’s jacket”, why can’t she say “Mice Jacket (My’s jacket)” ?

When I experiment and lock Abhi in the closet for a timeout, Abhi can also leave Achu in the bedroom, close the door and say “Timeout”. Hmm!

When Abhi and Achu are standing special, like on our legs or on the edge of the couch, it is not just standing. It is “Standing About”. We don’t know where they got that from.

Abhi can throw anything and everything somewhere and say “Ayyo Amma. Tissues fell”, “Oho Amma. book fell”. Achu can deliberately attempt to fall from the bed screaming, “Oho… Achu falling down… Achu falling down” and when she is finally on the ground say, “Oho.. Achu fell down.. Achu fell down”

And then there is Abhi’s ‘Eyyyy.. Dump’. Which is actually Jump. Sitting and jumping on the bed or couch or in the bathtub. Ouch! and he still keeps doing that.

“Tika Tika Tika” is still the excitement dance when someone comes home. Although, these days, dances are danced only when nanna comes home. Pch. Pch.

“Kab Kab” is still the favorite food. Water. There is “Dirty Kab”, which should mean dirty water, but for some reason, some dances are performed along singing “Dirty kab..”

“Chi Papam..Chi Papam” is also another dance time btw. Haven’t figured out what that means yet.

Even if they are little babies, Abhi and Achu have such busy lives, you know. I mean, there is “Baath time” when one wants to run and jump into the bathtub, other wants to run as far away as she can.

There is “Pommachi time” when they stand before the God, do Namaste, half-close their eyes, but mainly want to go pull everything away from the kitchen cupboards.

There is the ever famous “Aaachiii time”. Most favorite one because that is when we go out for a stroller walk or a ride in the car seats. Riding in car is also our “Sit car” time.

Ahh. And then “Mammu time”. Hmm. Not big fans of eating. “Panda time” –  Time to watch something on phone/laptop. Yayy! Top favorite again.

“Jo-Jo time”. Top favorite for us, adults. For Abhi, only when he wants to sleep. For Achu, never.

I told you, soooo busy and sooo many things.


4 thoughts on “Sooooo Many

  1. beautiful .. god bless both of them …

    but hey one thing i will point out .. the timeout thing .. especially if the two little ones are playing , not good ..

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