Funny Things

Many of Abhi and Achu’s books are funny. Kids will like them much better, but, even for adults, some are sure to bring a smile on our faces. Even a laugh. One of the latest books Abhi and Achu have is one called “What are you so grumpy about”. It’s written to make a grumpy kid laugh. Has funny things kids can laugh at and thus, grumpiness is cured.  Abhi and Achu are not yet at a stage where they can understand this, but we sure had a hearty laugh reading this book. Especially the two below. We all just laughed out loud. It’s so damn funny.



Last week, we also went to a restaurant for dinner. A place where they hand fortune cookies at the end. I love fortune cookies.  I always pick at the end. This time, even Abhi and Achu got the cookies. They were not interested in the paper (well, Abhi was. He had plans to eat it. But we took it away from him) than the cookie. But, I saved the first fortune cookie version of fortune for Abhi and Achu.

First one is Abhis. Second Achus. And the last one mine.

So, Abhi is supposed to keep his good word this week. Going by his dictionary, he has more than 200 hundred words he needs to keep. And its been a week already and he didn’t keep any of the words he promised.  ‘No tearing, ‘No touchey’, ‘No throwing’ etc. He did everything he said he wouldn’t do a minute ago. Fortune was right btw. Nothing good came of it.


 Ahh! And we just know Achu went inside the kitchen and picked the fortune cookie she wanted. Why would the fortune say she needs special treatment otherwise. I mean, from day 10 she has been the one getting non-stop special treatment. So, this fortune is voided. Okay. Fine. Because she was sitting next to me all the time, I will have her the benefit of doubt this time. Oh, I made muffins and she did eat something sweet like she should have.

Okay. Next mine. Read that. All puzzles in life will be understood? What the heck is understanding puzzles? They wont be solved! They wont go away. But they will be understood. What!!!! If you understand, do explain. Or even better, solve it for me.



5 thoughts on “Funny Things

  1. The fortune cookie thing is so funny. Buzz has figured out that we grab hers from her hand the minute she cracks her cookie, that she has started handing it off to us on her own. “Read, read” she tells us 🙂

    First understand the problem, then break it down in to smaller chunks and then solve each chunck. Dil, how many times have you heard your manager say that? See you will cross step no. 1 within the next year. In the 3 step process, you will have fixed it all 3 years from now 😀

    *runs away from Dil’s shoe*

  2. it seems a confusing cookie for you :/ lets wait and watch wat is it up 🙂 🙂 till then raise the volume and enjoy your life 🙂 🙂 achu special treat :O madam is always treated like a princess 🙂 🙂 oh poor abhi 🙂 c’mmon boy you can do it 🙂

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