Cherry Blossoms @ UW Tour

When Abhi and Achu were little, we took them to the University of Washington where Murali did his MBA. It’s a pretty big university. We landed at the business school and spent some time walking around and visiting the rose garden. Then I went home and wrote a post about it. Which still happens to be in my drafts. That was a year and half ago. And I didn’t get to finish the post. 🙂

Anyway, moving on to the current tour now, weather here is getting better. Finally! What I have been waiting for. This is time I start checking the weekend weather, even before the weekend starts and make plans to go out and do something every weekend. At least one day. So, last month, I remembered the Cherry blossom trees at the UW campus that are very famous. Quad gets so colorful with these trees and its very beautiful to watch. They were in full bloom in the last two weeks and based on weather last Sunday, we decided to visit the campus again.

L is my friend from my first job. She and I used to live in the same neighborhood and used to travel together everyday. Good times. She and her husband D relocated back to our area recently and so I dragged them to this trip too. Their son Y is days older than Abhi and Achu. We are hoping the three would be good buddies (Or Abhi can team up with Y to fight Achu).

Like any other UW tour, Sunday’s trip also began at Murali’s business school. He has to park his car there, no matter what. Interestingly, this time he didn’t tell us that the building was newly constructed. All the times we were here (when he was going to school), that’s the first thing he would tell anyone. As if, after Murali decided to go to this school, they constructed a new building for him. Sigh. Anyway, Here is the picture of the building.


When we reached the Quad we realized the trees kind of lost color already. Maybe it was because of the weather being a bit gloomy that day. It wasn’t as beautiful as I have seen in the pictures online.


But what we had in abundance was green grass and a lot of area to run around. So Abhi did just that. He let go of our hands and walked around, ran, ran away from us. Achu on the other hand, picked a place, stood there and didn’t move a muscle. (When we are outside, that girl is the exact opposite of what she is at home 🙂 )

Abhi running around.
Abhi running around.

Achu not moving. That step is misleading I know. She didn’t move.

Since there were no beautiful cherry blossoms here to see, we headed to a rose garden in the same campus. We visited this rose garden during the last summer trip and flowers are so beautiful. This time I didn’t think flowers would be in bloom, but we headed there anyway.

UW Library
Abhi being creative about where he wanted to walk

And that’s where we saw some beautiful cherry blooms. They would have looked more beautiful at the right time.


Then the cutest thing happened. Abhi, Achu and Y sat on a little corner and posed for pictures while three cameras clicked away. Our little celebrities. If its tough to take a picture of a kid staring at the camera and smiling, think about how it will be with three kids. But, thanks to me singing silly TV ads (that too in Tamil), Abhi and Achu smiled well. Y at least stared at me like who is this mad woman singing silly chapati TV ads? We did get some great snaps.

Nanna and Achu gave me this beautiful flower. It was later eaten by Abhi.


You can see the fountain around rose garden because there were no roses to see. On a clear sunny day, you can see Mt. Rainier from here.


There were little ducks in here. Murali and D started feeding them some kid snacks and I am telling you; Those ducks are pros. They know how to get food from us. We had to leave the place before they could attack us for more food.

Some 10 years back, when P and I went on a day trip to a resort with all of our colleagues, our bus stopped at a place. P and I found a tree and climbed it. Since then, it’s our thing to climb trees when we see one. After a long time, this day, we got a chance to climb a tree. That too a cherry blossom tree in nice bloom. It’s always fun to do things we did years ago 🙂 . We love being monkeys. This time, we sat kids in our laps and took pictures. So officially this would be the first time Abhi and Achu climbed a tree.

Achu had a special project for the day. Since she was refusing to move, we had to get her excited about something. So, Achu’s project of the day was ‘Operation Touch Kaki’ (crow). Whenever we saw a kaki, I let her go chase the kaki so that she can touch it. That worked. She ran after all the kakis she saw. Of course, all kakis ran away. But Achu didn’t give up. She patiently pursued all the kakis. At the end, operation ‘Touch Kaki’ was a failure, but operation ‘Make Achu move’ was highly successful 🙂 .

Our first official trip of the season came to an end. I went home and started planning for the next weekend trip 🙂 . Yayy to good weather.


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