Achu and I walked into the living room this morning after she woke up. Abhi was already in there. The moment the door opened, I could see him smile a lot, calling me Amma.

When I was holding him, Abhi pointed to the flowers in the vase and asked for one. “Fowers?”. I gave him one.

Achu wanted “Fowers” too. I gave her another one. (For some reasons they call flowers, Bobbies. It was a slight variation of Bobbies first 😉 . Thankfully, now they are switching to the right word. )

We three sat on the bed in the living room (we put one temporarily there to let them jump freely) and Abhi, Achu carefully examined the flowers.

Abhi didn’t want the flower anymore. “Fower bye-bye” and gave it back to me. I took the flower from him and put it in my hair. He laughed at that.

Achu still had her flower. Looking at Abhi’s flower in my head, she got me hers too. I put both the flowers on two sides of my hair. Instantly Achu started counting them. “One.. Too”. Counting complete.

“Please Amma, take it Abhi”, says Abhi, passing himself instructions to take the flower from my head. He tried to put it on his hair. It didn’t stick.

“Amma, Take it Achu”, Achu takes her flower back. It didn’t stick either.

So, we decided to ditch the flowers and read a book. “Goldilocks and The Three Bears”. “Goldii-Locks”, “Goldii-Locks”, Abhi and Achu say. We read about the three bears making mammu, going for a walk, not doing zoom-zoom-zoom-lock on the door (that’s how we lock the door when someone leaves at our house).

We see Goldilocks has nice hair. Same color as Abhi’s shirt today, I point out. Abhi points to my dress. Achu wants to know about her dress color. I tell them I am wearing chocolate-colored one and Achu is wearing white one.

Goldilocks falling out of chair and breaking it is so amusing to Abhi and Achu. Abhi points to it, at least a 10 times. We saw Ladybug in all the pictures. Achu excitedly pointed at the mouse.  Later we learn the moral of the story (for us) is that we should always do zoom-zoom-zoom lock on the door when we leave. End of the story, Achu points to one of the bears and calls it dog. Hmm.

Then, we read a bit about “The Ugly Duckling”. Pointed to Amma duck, Nanna duck, but it wasn’t that interesting maybe. I step out for a bathroom break and when I come back it was Cinderella.

“Ladybug”, Abhi points again. It’s his favorite, actually. We learnt who was the prince today. “Dancing”, Abhi says looking at everyone dancing at the ball. We see the clock on the wall about to strike 12 and Cinderella running. We like her shoe.

Nanny and her son arrive by then (It’s spring-break for the kid). Which also means I get to stop spending time with Abhi and Achu and go to kitchen to cook. I watch them being chased around for diaper changes, say no to breakfast, eat it anyway and then vomit as expected.

When nanny’s kid takes something to play and puts water on it, Achu yells at him, “Udda,..Don’t do it”. Nanny and I have a good laugh looking at Achu trying to control even the kid, not just Abhi. You know, even in sleep yesterday night, she was saying, “Abhi.. No..”. Nanny says, ‘See how she is passing instructions to everyone’ and Abhi, Achu learn a new word today, ‘In-Suctions’.

We had mixie time again today. Abhi and Achu smiled and smiled. So did I.

So what if I spent one and half an hour cooking and cleaning this morning, packing trash being hungry, exhausted and felt half-dead by the time I stepped out of the kitchen to head to work? I at least, had a good morning with splendid little moments to remember.


8 thoughts on “Morning

  1. I like Bobbies..why did they move on to fower? I want Bobbies!!!

    Parenthood is hard work but their smiles and hugs and actions help in making it all a little better. Hugs Dil!

  2. two lil newtons they are!! I wonder how you rush to work leaving them behind 🙂 cute butterflies 🙂 🙂

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