Little Sister’s Love

♦ As much as she screams all the time, you know what Achu is also good at? Doing Shh. With a tiny finger on her mouth. When she is saying Shh, she really means it too. Last time we went out, Abhi slept in the car. Achu, of course didn’t. When we stepped into home, Abhi was still sleeping and Achu obviously wanted to go by her normal routine, i.e. jumping around, screaming etc.etc. I told Achu, ‘Achu. Shh. Abhi is sleeping’. And then Achu went really silent. Completely shh. Seriously. Even after I put Abhi in his crib and came out to put her to bed, she was silent, with a finger on her lips saying Shhhhh…

♦ I was putting Abhi and Achu to sleep in the same room at night. Achu skipped afternoon nap. On a day like this, she is ready to fall asleep quickly at night. Now, the problem was Abhi was still playing in the crib. Like he does normally. That was disturbing Achu so much. So, she stays lying down in her crib and yells, ‘Abhi…Sheeep’ (sleep). (Abhi didn’t listen btw.)

♦ It’s sleep time again. I am sitting in the corner, reading a book waiting for Abhi and Achu to sleep. I look up and suddenly see both Abhi and Achu standing in their cribs. I turn to Achu and say ‘Achu… lie down’. Achu immediately looks at Abhi and says, ‘Abhi…Lie Down’. Abhi didn’t listen to Achu and of course, Achu didn’t listen to me.

♦ Abhi got diaper rash. So, I get diaper rash cream out. When I was changing Achu’s diaper first, she didn’t ask for the cream even though she saw it. Maybe she knew she didn’t have the rash. Next it was Abhi’s turn. While I was taking some time to check the rash, Achu kept giving me the diaper rash cream signaling me to apply it on Abhi. I had to stop checking the rash and apply the cream first. She didn’t give up until I applied it all over. 🙂

♦  One of the things I taught Abhi and Achu was taking turns for everything. Abhi and Achu are pretty good at it now (for now 🙂 ). When nanny is leaving in the evening, Abhi and Achu take turns and open the door for her. First, Achu opens. As soon as she is done, she says, ‘Abhi turn’ and lets Abhi opens the door. She wont stop until Abhi comes and unlocks the door. Not just this. If she was sitting on the countertop for some time, after she gets down, she says its Abhi turn even if Abhi doesn’t want it. Yesterday, after she put on her jacket, she handed Abhi’s jacket to Abhi. She insists screams so much. She is very particular when it comes to the rules, you see.


8 thoughts on “Little Sister’s Love

  1. I could see a budding strict officer when it comes to rules 🙂 🙂 I am imaging how obident she will be as well as how adorable taking care of her brother… between who is elder

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