Bath Time

To sum up,

Abhi loves loves loves bath time. Achu hates hates hates bath time.

Abhi is all ready and eager to get into his bathtub. Achu runs away when she hears the word bath.

Abhi sits in his baby bathtub as long we let him. Achu continuously screams a combination of  phrases, ‘All done’, ‘Get out’, ‘Come out’, ‘bath bye-bye’ and tries to get out of it.

No one in the house even knows when it’s Abhi’s bath time. Entire city of Redmond hears Achu’s screams during her bath time.

We all have so much fun bathing Abhi. We all dread when it is Achu’s turn.


From the start, Abhi and Achu had a bathtub for babies that fits in kitchen sinks. When we were in Hyderabad, I bought them a tiny little bathtub from a fancy baby store. I put it in the patio and gave Abhi and Achu bath in it. You know, until last week, we haven’t taken Abhi and Achu into a bathroom. I avoided public restrooms as much as I could. Because of kitchen bath tub, I never had to take them into bathrooms. I just didn’t think it was okay for them. I always wanted Abhi and Achu to have their own. But, last week, I gave up on that rule. As they were getting bigger for baby tub. I also wanted Abhi to experience the full bath tub he reads in books. I knew he would love it. It was also time to try the new tub for Achu and see if she reacts any better.

So, Saturday afternoon, we got Abhi and Achu a little excited about the bathtub. They know bathrooms is one of the places that’s restricted for them. They were excited to come in. However, the moment Achu heard the word bath, she started protesting. Murali was holding her and she didn’t get down and kept hugging him tight. Abhi was excited about where he was, lot of kab-kab in the tub, but a bit scared.

To make him feel secured, I got into the bathtub , took Abhi and sat down. Abhi was sitting on me and started playing with the water. We got a bunch of animal/sea toys in and Abhi threw them all into the water. Slowly, he got comfortable. After few attempts, I made him sit in the water by himself and he was okay. He kept playing happily. Splashed water on us and himself. Played with the toys. We were all watching him carefully.

Achu, the daring one (except for when it comes to bath-time), only agreed to throw toys into the water. She was watching Abhi. During my Hyderabad trip, she used to cry like this too. Even when I was giving her bath. But slowly she got used to it. After coming back here, she began her screaming routine again. I hope she will soon learn it’s safe. It will be so much fun to see both Abhi and Achu splash water in the tub.

Yesterday, Abhi took bath again in the tub and he was super comfortable with it. Murali was watching him and I could hear Abhi laughing and having fun. We should take him swimming soon. He will love it. Achu, not so much. 🙂


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