Brushee Brushee

We have tooth brushes. Our second set (No one knows what happened to the first set *giggles*). We are not sure if we should just call them tooth brushes, because we use them for many other purposes. Actually, they are not much used for real brushing.

When Amma announces ‘It’s brushing time’, we two brushing enthusiasts, quickly and eagerly grab the brush from her. Amma might think we are going to brush like she shows us, but we have different plans. However, before we go on executing our special plans, we do brush. Like for few seconds.

I, Abhi, do put the brush in my mouth. I like chewing something a lot. Brush is a perfect thing. At least, Amma doesn’t object when I put that in my mouth, right! So, it’s a win-win thing for both of us. I chew on it a bit. Lower teeth are brushed, sometimes. Then, I may proceed on to brushing bear or haathi or books. Ahh! Amma has to interrupt me. She grabs the brush from me sometimes, saying it’s ‘amma’s turn’ (whatever, right!). Of course, if I let her. When I oblige, she tries to brush my teeth gently. She thinks I should get used to the feeling. I think its very boring. So while Amma is brushing, I move my head like brush is moving. That’s fun. Of course, no brushing gets done then, but it’s fun. Sometimes I am tired, So I lie down on bear, haathi and continue brushing. In general, I like it, I think.

Ahhhh! That constant screamer girl Achu is screaming in the background that it’s her turn to tell her brushing story. Fine. Listen to her.

*Achu begins smiling, with her ‘I am adorable’ face expressions*

So, when it comes to me, I,  Achu, think … Oh. Wait. I have to first make sure no doors are open, that Abhi is not touching anything and my blanket is in my hands. Okay. Good. Abhi is brushing bear. So I have few minutes to say something about brushing. Downright, I think its boring too. I don’t think I need it. Why do you think I always ask for milk or kab-kab (water)? That’s how I clean my teeth. I don’t need any outside tools to clean my precious teeth. They will be rinsed naturally. Amma doesn’t listen. To not make her mad, I do take the brush from her. Once in a blue moon, I do put it in mouth or let amma brush my teeth. It’s a funny feeling. I giggle a lot. I also move my head like Abhi does when brush is moving. Honestly, this brushing confuses me a lot. It moves or I move or amma moves? Uff. I can’t tell. But, you know what’s fun? Using the brush to do mixing. I take any cup like looking toy (even blocks), put brush, say mixin-mixin and eat with the brush. Amma gets happy thinking, at least, that way brush is in my mouth. I tell you. These moms can be so silly. Once, I was bored of brushing, so I hid my brush. It took amma five minutes to find where I hid it. Amma looked everywhere. I hid it on the window and pretended to not know where it was. *Giggles*. Nanna, once put me in his lap and brushed my teeth. I looked I was okay with it. Only because I got a chance to sit in the lap *winks*.

So, I don’t need the brush. I want nothing to do with it. Anyone can have it, if they want. Oh. Wait. Abhi is running away with my brush. Abhiiii, I only said that JLT. I didn’t mean it. Abhii… Noo toucheyy….

 Bye, guys. Gotta run. I finally caught hold of Achu’s brush. Now, I will go hide near the corner, close my eyes and pretend no one can see me. Oh! Here is a picture of our current brushes (Need not say tooth brush, anymore. Everyone knows the truth now).


6 thoughts on “Brushee Brushee

  1. I am laughing so so so hardly 🙂 🙂 look at abhi brush ha ha ha try feeding him with brush he may end up eating well !! achu brush is intact 🙂 🙂 it looks so new 🙂 🙂 one of your best write up 🙂 🙂 I could imagine how cute your morning will be 🙂 🙂 for encourage achu, my brush looks exactly like her…. no change from new one even if i use it for 8 long months 🙂

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