Abhi Says …

♦ Abhi says, ‘Mhihzx. BnbvfMf‘. I don’t know what it means. You will have to decode it yourself.

♦ Abhi and Achu are playing on the end table and trying to jump from it onto the bed (Yes, Achu invented the little game). Finally when it was Abhi’s turn to go sit on the table, Achu also joins him. Abhi tells Achu, ‘Get out’. (I am very assumed about what he said, but not happy exactly 🙂 )

♦ Another sick week, last week. To entertain Abhi, I get him into the kitchen and hand him a container with yellow dal. Abhi being super good at counting numbers, starts counting each dal piece in the container. Luckily, we only taught him numbers until 10 and so he stopped.

♦ We all usually play in the living room. Once in a while, we adults, step out to get something done and then, we tell Abhi and Achu, ‘2 Minutes’. They are generally okay. Now, when we were all playing in the living room, Abhi suddenly gets up, says ‘2 Mitts’ and walks towards his bedroom. Just like we do. 🙂 It seems there was no business he actually had to attend to, so he came back quickly while we all had a hearty laugh about what just happened.

♦ I am putting Abhi and Achu to bed. Because, I wanted Abhi to sleep faster, I am rocking him to sleep in my lap. Abhi sleeps, wakes himself up again, starts playing and then I calm him and rock him to sleep again. After this happened 2 or 3 times, I got tired. Raised my voice a bit and told him, ‘Abhi, why are you taking so long to sleep?’. Abhi calmly comes back, lies down in my lap, shuts his eyes tight and sleeps.

♦ For Ugadi yesterday, I made Vada and Kesari. While Abhi and Achu were eating the sweet first, I bring a vada for myself. To taste and see if kids can eat it. Abhi likes Vada. He stops eating the sweet dish, comes to me and tries to take food from inside my mouth. That was his way of saying he wants vada too.

♦ This morning, while Achu and I were still in the bedroom, Abhi steps into the living room, comes back and gives us a report on Kaki (Crow). “Amma.. Kaki went away”. (And I keep thinking how fast they are learning new words, making new sentences and how much they are observing us talk or say anything 🙂 )


8 thoughts on “Abhi Says …

  1. they are so cute and one beat other in many activity and I wish they do all the lil funny things in the world:) 🙂 get out was the ultimate 😀

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