What The Color?

So, a community around here decided to repaint their houses. Good idea; Given that rain here makes everything look dark and old. I mean, if you painted your house today, next rain will make it look like it needs painting again (No. I am assuming paint dried off and rain didn’t wash away the fresh painting). Anyway, they painted. Someone chose blue. Someone painted light blue. One house went with Beige. And there is this another house. They painted Purple. You read it right. They painted their big house, all of it, purple. PURPLE. Really. Not the indoors, not a patch here or there. ALL of it.

Now, I know I have no say in how they paint their house. I know that. But, this house happens to be on the road I drive everyday. Once in the morning and back in the evening. And as someone who fancies elegant homes and is a self-proclaimed interior decorator/enthusiast, can you imagine what my eyes have to endure everyday? PURPLE HOUSE! Really? Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!

The first time I saw the house all repainted, I swear I wanted to stop by their house and ask them why would they do such thing to the man-kind. I didn’t because I thought they will ask me ‘Alright! So what color is your house?’ and as someone who doesn’t own a home, I wouldn’t have an answer to give. So, I backed off. Decided to close my eyes distract my sight when driving at that point. So far, no success.

So, I thought and thought and thought and came up with a unique and superb solution. To start a foundation called, ‘People Against Purple Houses’. You all are enrolled-in by default, btw. I know you all hate purple houses too. I mean, who doesn’t? (Tell me, if you don’t and I will enroll you into something else) As members of this foundation, our responsibilities are simple. As fun-loving people, we wont go into morchas or rastha-rokos or strikes.

First, you all sign the right NDAs and stuff. Then, we all go partying. Here is what we do. Get a bucket of color. Any color will do. Well, except for purple, of course. We decide on a time; Surround the house (get ladders too) and just dump the paint on the exterior walls of this house. When we are done, this house will be so colorful. Also beautiful (when compared to what it is now). Mission accomplished. My eyes are pleased and my drive gets better. I am happy. We are happy. Now, some of you, checkout my wish-list of toys on Amazon.com and buy those toys. No, no. These toys are not for the house. They are for you to use while you baby-sit and entertain Abhi and Achu. What? When I am fixing all the purple houses in the world, who is going to feed and take care of my kids? (Besides, I don’t think I can write a post without their names popping up. Guilty.)

Nice idea, right? It will be so much fun. Plus, we are doing such a huge favor to the society (Dreaming of a society without purple houses). I have other colors we can attack next. But, they can wait. Purple houses need to be taken care of, first. They are a looming threat to the society. Who knows, the next day, some drunk driver will be driving by that road, look at the purple house, admire it (because he/she is drunk) and paint his house purple. GOD. No.


14 thoughts on “What The Color?

  1. Not just of the house..but the colour PURPLE..irritates me…and I stay away from it – I don’t have a reasoning as such , though :-0

    I do not have any thing that is purple….Even if i really like a top and if it’s purple i downright refuse it…

    I don’t know what it is with me and PURPLE …sigh…

  2. Really purple homes ? This post made me laugh so much 🙂 I don’t like purple and pink . When I painted one wall in Chuckys room pink I was feel uncomfortable. I am sure some little girl lives in that home who is crazy about purple and parents blindly went with it .

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