One Dinner

During a weeknight, we made an impromptu trip to a restaurant. We don’t usually do that because of kids schedule and all. But, this day I was feeling pretty low about something and just wanted to cheer myself up. We got kids ready and headed to an Italian restaurant.

♠ Abhi and Achu spotted moon in the clear sky. It’s worth mentioning because there are no real clear skies here much. Even if there were any, Abhi and Achu wont be out at that time of the night. While Abhi stared at the moon, Achu spotted the ‘Tarrr’ (star) too.

♠ Her highness, Achu doesn’t like being driven in the cars these days. Of course, not. No one can hold her in the car, right? You know, I forgot to get her blanket with us this time? So we had to go back home to get it. There is really no Achu without the blanket.

♠ From the last visit to this restaurant, I started giving Abhi and Achu outside food. Last time we were here, I gave them little pieces of bread sticks and they ate. This time, Abhi wanted to take the whole piece, take a bite himself and eat (That’s the growing up part. Aww. My eyes are wet) . Achu carefully held on to the bread stick without taking a bite. Nope. We can’t trick her into eating anything. Even if she is at a restaurant, seated at a table, holding food in her hand. No fooling her, No.

♠ As if someone didn’t know how to make pieces of a bread stick, Abhi tore little pieces of it and threw it around the table. I am sure he called the pigeons to come eat, they just didn’t get the message. (Poor waiters had a lot to cleanup. But, hey. Compare to what we do at home, this is nothing.)

♠ Abhi and Achu smiled, said ‘Hiiiiiiii’ to everyone walking by, seated at the next tables. Achu stared at others like it was all her business. When I was taking a video of them, she told me, ‘Photo bye-bye’. When I didn’t listen to her, she pointed to camera and yelled, ‘Put it here’, ‘Put it here’, ‘Put it here’ (On the table).

♠ When the sippy cups surfaced on the table, Abhi and Achu decided to pour water from the sippy-cups (that we carefully washed and cleaned) into plastic transparent God-knows-where-it-came-from cup and drink it from there.

♠ Murali and I got up only about 10 times (each) from our table to get Abhi and Achu something that they accidentally threw.

♠ Food was tasty (Of course, right. It’s Italian. It’s all cheese) . We ordered more number of appetizers than the main course.


♠ On our way back, Murali said our kids are very well-behaved when in a restaurant (typical Dad, right!!). I said, Wait for it.

Going out to dinner on a weeknight was actually much better than going out on a weekend. Weekend means, cooking, cleaning, feeding kids and then stepping out. Weekdays, since I have help, few things are already taken care of (Feeding them, I mean feeding them. The most tiring one). So, weeknight dinners are my current favorites (provided Abhi and Achu continue to behave well) 🙂 .


12 thoughts on “One Dinner

  1. Wait untill they refuse to sit in high chairs and start running around tables, Dor 🙂

    You n Murali would get enough exercise running behind them, that you would burn off calories consumed at the restuarant there and then 🙂

    Food looks yummy, yaa

  2. I am glad you did. I think eating out with them will get better and better, that’s what I felt with Chucky. Now she and I make plans what to eat and demand R. When 2 girls are behind him he tends to bulge and we have great time eating out these days.

  3. Saying hi to everyone is so awesome! My niece also does that. Then my sister told her that she shouldnt say hi to everyone and that she should ask before saying hi. So now she sees people, says “No Hi” to them and then looks at her mom and asks, ok? 😀

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