More Baby Talk

It’s breakfast time for Abhi and Achu. Bread toast – Not Achu’s favorite. In fact, anything that needs to be touched with her hands or chewed upon and then swallowed is not her favorite. So, she is protesting, kicking her legs, trying to get out of the booster seat, screaming, yelling, fake crying, everything. The whole package. Nanny suddenly asks, ‘How are you doing Achu?’. Achu continues to do what she was doing. Along with all that, she screams in response, ‘Pine. Pine. Pine’ (Fine).


Abhi, Achu and I are doing cleany-cleany with baby wipes near the entrance door (Yes, Out of the whole house, they chose this specific place to clean). Abhi is wearing a T-shirt with an alligator on it. I ask him, ‘Abhi, what’s on your shirt?’.

Abhi: “Aggator baby”

I am laughing at what he said and asking him to repeat while Achu was saying a million ‘Huh’s asking me what was on her dress. I tell her ‘You have flowers on your dress, Achu’.

She asks, ‘Nice?’

Me: ‘Yes, Very nice Achu’.

She points to Abhi’s dress and asks, ‘Abhi, Nice?’.

Me: “Yes Achu. Abhi’s dress also very nice. Whats on my dress?”

(I was wearing a hello-kitty t-shirt and was hoping they could see it)

Abhi: Keetanu (germs)

I laugh out loud. How come they are wearing flowers and exotic animals while I have Keetanu on my dress? Not fair.

Meanwhile, Abhi continues to elaborate on the alligator details.

“Biiiig Aggator Baby”

“Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Aggator Baby”

Apparently the Alligator is so big (and yet a baby, somehow) that he had look up to the roof when saying big. It was that big. ๐Ÿ™‚


Achu has done something and we need to say ‘Good job’. I say it (I am not the one to have a bone to pick with her on that),

“Nanna, good job?”, she asks.

“Yes, Nanna is also saying good job”.

“Pama, good job?”

“Yes, Pama is also saying good job”.

Then she confirmed our nanny, our nanny’s son will also say good job. I say, yes and yes.

“Buthabey, good job?”

Buthabey!! Really? Our fish? Sigh. I said ‘Oh.Yes. Buthabey also says good job’

“Blanket, good job?”

Sigh! That was the last. How can I say blanket is saying ‘good job’. By the way, the tiniest thing she did that she thought deserved a ‘good job’ from us, didn’t take as long as the ‘good jobs’ did.


Few months ago, I showed Abhi and Achu where brain was. I pointed a single finger to my head and poked it 2-3 times and said, ‘Brain’. That’s it. That response got locked in Abhi’s and Achu’s brain. Now, whenever we ask them, ‘Where is your brain?’, they point a single finger and poke their head.

So, last week I asked them again. Where is amma’s brain? nanna’s? Pama? etc etc. Abhi and Achu showed them all perfectly (aka poked our head a little more than they need to).

Then Abhi asks, ‘Buthabey’s?’. Hmm. I didn’t think of buthabey’s. But since I wont let them poke that tiny fish, Abhi pointed to the bowl saying, ‘Buthabey’s brain’. Fine.

Next time, he asked, ‘kaki?’. Since kaki (crow)ย was no whereย around, he pointed to the patio door, saying ,’Kaki’s brain’.

Some time later, nanny asks, ‘Abhi, where is my brain?’ and Abhi just stands there not doing or saying anything. Poor thing, nanny was just laughing. I didn’t know what to say.


11 thoughts on “More Baby Talk

  1. What a lovely time , you are having with your bundles of joy !!!

    Just freeze these moment – DOR !!! Just freeze them – You are never going to get this time back from them !!!

    Awwwwโ€ฆMany many love and kisses to the little darlings !!!

    and for the Keetanu – momma tooโ€ฆ:-)

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