Welcome Here

Dear Vaks,

Okay. I didn’t go with the other short names we discussed. No. Somehow ‘Vaks’ seems nice to me. Its original too, right? :). So, its been some 3 months we got back in touch with each other. Honestly, I still can’t believe we have been the BEST of friends for 4 years and then lost touch with each other for some 10 YEARS. I just don’t believe it. But, that night I heard from you, that moment you told me it was you (because I didn’t save your number on my phone), it has to be one of the best moments of life. I mean, getting back in touch with you.

You know Vaks, as much as you made me happy and excited that night, you also made me cry like a baby. You, telling me details about that horrible accident. You, H and my little precious A going through that phase. How I wish that never happened. How I wish I was at least there to help you get through. How I wish A never had to see such thing in her life. But, it all happened. You know, you are so strong Vaks. You got through that. You recuperated. You are back enjoying life. Going to work. Taking care of A. You are doing such an amazing job. You are indeed the strongest to have faced what you did and most importantly, survived that. I am so thankful that you all got out of it. Still, each time you tell me you are in pain again, my heart breaks. I feel that pain like my kids are sick and in pain. I SO wish you wouldn’t feel that. I really wish you a complete recovery very soon. I want to see you out of those shoes and wearing anything you want. Doing anything you want. I know you will get there very soon. I believe in it happening. I just do.

What do I say about the last few weeks I have been chatting with you everyday. I have realized we have been through so many phases in our life – wedding, pregnancy, kids, jobs, places etc., but the friendship hasn’t changed at all. We still talk like we used to. Like it was just yesterday we spent the whole night on the street waiting for your brothers to come home and let us in. We missed the premier of Kuch Kuch Hota hain on Sony TV that night (something, we have been so waiting for). You are still the queen of PJs 🙂 . No one can compete with you on that. I recollect all about our good times, these days. Remember the time we were chased on our scooty? That time we went to exhibition? All the movies we watched? Me sitting in your class in your college? (Ohh! How much we wished we both went to the same college, right!!). Oh! I almost forgot. Our diary. Having spent chunk of a day together, it was only appropriate for us to write a dairy together. Remember the first entry? About you predicting that some kid was going to tear his sisters nice dress and THAT prediction coming true? LOL. You are a genius Vaks 🙂 . Remember how we would gobble all snacks down fast from that chat place; We even checked menu items off the list one time because we didn’t know what to order. I must specifically remind us of that time you bought first day first show tickets for a popular movie, showed it off to all of us, but took us (including our moms) to the wrong theatre.  ROFL. Like I said, you are a genius.

Btw, it is in my plans to sit down and record all our adventures. I would give anything to relive those days. That was life. That was fun. That was FUN.

The day you pinged Vaks, as much happy I was about being able to talk to you everyday, I was also worried inside that I would lose touch with you again. But, I think we have learnt our lesson well. No matter what way. We sort of tell each other we wont lose touch again and we mean it. 🙂 So, I will say this now. I will bug you everyday for the rest of my life. I am so happy you are back in my life. I want to hear all about your day. I want to hear everything about A. I want to tell you everything about my day.

Except for kids and Murali, I havent said this much to anyone else; I love you so much. I love little A just like she is my own. I wish you all good health and happiness, every moment of life.

And with that, Welcome here. 🙂 🙂 🙂

With lots of LOVE,


P.S: I might even make you start blogging, pretty soon. So prepare for that. 🙂



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