Baby Talk

Amma and Nanna go home in the evening. After saying Hiiis etc., Abhi runs to go get something. Comes back saying, ‘AMMA…NANNA.. ZEE THAT..’ ( See that), so excitedly and shows us one of his toys.


Abhi is on his toy phone having a chat with someone/something that I can’t decipher. Few minutes, he is done talking. Comes to me and says,

‘Amma… Look at that. Cows saying – Hi Abhi ‘.

Amma is speechless.


Achu and Amma walk into the living room in the morning. The moment she steps out in the room, Achu looks at the patio and the sun shining bright, says, ‘Sunny!’


Achu was crying in the other room while Amma was putting Abhi to bed in his room. Abhi hears Achu cry and asks ‘What is that Sound?’

Amma is impressed.

Another time, Abhi passes gas. Asks me again, ‘What is that Sound?’

Amma is laughing so crazy because she doesn’t know what to say.


Abhi had a pee accident. In the corner of the room, near the end table. P walks in that same moment when we discover the spot. Abhi looks at P, shows her the pee spot and asks, ‘What did you do? Pama’

(P = Pama)

P is stunned. Rest of us are laughing crazy, again.


Indoor tent is not in any shape close to what it should be. It should have been sort of a square box, where as it’s currently looking like a cave.

Nanny asks, ‘Who did it?’

They answer, “Abhi, Achu did it”

We are yet to find who is responsible for those pencil arts on our bedroom door.

(Amma also needs to find out where they sell this magic eraser in bulk)


8 thoughts on “Baby Talk

  1. tails are growing pretty fast 😀 😀 😀 I pity the situation of “P” 😀 but worth a lol 🙂 😀 😀 😀 and also what is the sound 😀 I am sure this guy will have huge sense of stand up comedy 😀

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