♦ Five days of the week, I eat chapati for dinner. That too, horribly tasting ready-made chapatis that are easily accessible to me. Murali eats out everyday. P has been doing the same, mostly these days. So, I am the one emptying baby foods, left-overs and craving for some tasty food most of the times. Friday night, I wanted someone to say lets eat-out, but no one said anything. Tired of having to ask everything myself, I shut up. Anyway, Murali cooked dinner. No matter what he makes, everything turns out tasty. I ate fine.

TM was so nice to invite us all for dinner at her place on Saturday night. After I told her we will be there, P made plans to celebrate Women’s day. Honestly, I don’t care for these days. They have lost their meaning or they need to mean more than what they do now. But, I had no choice. Our friend U’s wife, K also joined. And I had to cancel dinner at TM’s place. The plan was to watch a movie and eat out while guys watch kids. Stupid me, chose the morning show for movie and dinner based on kids schedule. P and K picked the movie. We watched ‘Lego’. It was fine. Movie was well-shot, it had a good message too, but, I felt sleepy in between. Maybe, I would have liked it if the timings were different. Rushing to movie, watching morning show and coming back rushing made me feel like I went to the grocery store and not like I watched a movie.

♦ Guys did the best thing when we were away. Murali, U and other friend Ki were home, then. While Murali was watching the kids, Ki made lunch and best of all, U washed all the dishes and cleaned everything. Food tasted yummy. That would be apt for being called as a W-Days celebration. Guys can be so sweet sometimes 🙂 .

♦ And then the gang went to the Gem show. Something we stay away from. I really don’t understand the craze. Someone said, since I have a girl now I should go buy things from there. Here I am, thinking of making my daughter a cop and people think I should buy jewelry. Sigh! Anyway, it doesn’t mean that Achu is not going to be traditional. We so love it when Achu wears her pattu-langa. It’s just that I will stay away from the extra girly charade.

♦ Gang came back around dinner time, when us ladies were supposed to go out for dinner. All of them tired. Ended up cancelling the dinner plan. (By end of the day, I was expecting that anyway 😦 )

♦ Sunday was daylight saving change time. In the last one year, the change meant nothing to me. Earlier, I would have gone thinking in my mind for days about what hour this was before, what it’s now. Losing/gaining sleep time etc. etc. Now, nothing.

♦ Achu was super crazy on Sunday. More than dealing her with her crazy avatar, I was worried about what Murali was thinking watching her that way. I know that’s how kids are and it’s only going to get worse for next couple more months, but I don’t really think everyone gets that. Because, at some point, I will lose my cool and I need someone to tell me its okay. I don’t see that happening now.

♦ End of the evening with Abhi and Achu was pleasant, anyway. All of us dancing to the music 🙂

♦ Evening was also full of ‘I am lonely’ thoughts when ladies in the gang went shopping and didn’t even bother to invite me. I know they did that because they thought I can’t come. But, to be taken granted like that makes me feel bad. They, rushing in and out like that anytime isn’t deliberate, but kind of makes me feel like it’s rubbing it in my face that I can’t do the same. And to be cast away like that because we have kids, is more sad. After a long time, I felt bad about my responsibilities. Ended the weekend on a sad note and stayed awake until 2 AM thinking about this damn loneliness and no solution in sight.


8 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. I don’t understand the Gem craze either. One of my friends who came from India wanted to buy some for his wife and when he asked I had no clue on it. My SIL and MIL’s talks are always around gold and stuff like that.

    Loneliness, we all go through it dear. I feel sometimes having no friends is better than having friends who is not around when you need the most. Hugs dear!!

  2. So glad you don’t have achu on the whole girly thing! I love it when girls are left to be the way they want to be! You know by now what I feel about tokenism..:P
    I get the loneliness thing so much. I live alone in Mumbai..what I would give to go back home to my parents. Or at least haves. Bunch of friends like me.. 😦

  3. Mostly the people I have seen in US lack courtesy. I see a lot of difference in my friends that I made in US and those I made in India. Even I feel they should have asked you. But otherwise you seem to have had a good day. 🙂

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