The Horror Story

There are these things I am terrified of. So terrified that I cant even type the name or say it aloud, unless its absolutely necessary. I was telling my colleague that I will never buy a house with a lawn because then I will have to mow it and I would find these things in the grass. And she said, ‘Oh. Yeah. I am also very scared of them. That’s why I wear gloves when mowing’. And I was like, Whatttt!!! That’s no where near the definition of being scared of something. At least, not my definition. Take my level of getting scared for example. People around would see me fainting or screaming or crying inconsolably or getting fever or throwing/breaking things or running away or hiding inside the blanket ( I have done all of them, btw, in combinations too) . There are few horror episodes that I don’t want to recollect today. These things constantly haunt my dreams too 😦 .

Anyway, Friday evening, I come home and nanny tells me kids and she have spotted this thing in the living room. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do. That would be the least expected news, ever. Nanny said she quickly put the books basket on it and trapped it. She said she was scared to take it out, but again, measuring her reaction on my scale, I have to say, she is among the bravest. She described how it was and I knew what category of things-that-scare-me it belonged to (I wont cant say the name). I texted Murali immediately.

I wasn’t expecting him home soon, but, I don’t know how, he was home in 5 mins. I told him what happened and ran to the bedroom hiding under the blanket. Did a little crying; gave Murali instructions; Put on headphones and got myself busy watching some crime drama on Netflix. Murali took care of the thing. I was hearing some talk about what was happening and I shut my ears tight so that I don’t hear it 😦 . Task was taken care of, as Murali claimed. Murali was narrating his heroic story of dealing with this thing, but I didn’t want to listen. When nanny was leaving, I had to come out of the hiding. No other choice.

We threw away the basket that touched this disgusting creature. (DIE ALL THESE TYPES OF CREATUERES IN THE UNIVERSE, DIE). Honestly, I feel lost. I was happily living in my house, away from the fear that they cant come to me and now that’s all broken. They found me 😦 . For God sake, I live on third floor. If they can come here, my life is OVER. We haven’t identified the source yet.

Btw, Achu was the daring baby to have spotted this first. Achu is used to calling everything she finds on carpet ‘mammu’. So when she spotted this thing, she showed it to nanny yelling, ‘Mammu Going…Mammu Going’. Mammu actually means food. Yes, as soon as I am done throwing up in my mind I will go bang my head on the nearest wall 😦 .

On that note, Abhi and Achu, What I am going to say now holds true for eternity. Okay? ‘NO TOUCHEY’ on Mammu. EVER.

P.S: If you think you know the name of this thing, don’t write the name here. I may be scared of reading my own post then 😦 .


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